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Synapse 3.5 - Kiyo randomly turns on.

  • 19 May 2020
  • 4 replies

I have my Kiyo positioned over my monitor, and I have noticed several times today, that when I sign into Windows, the indicator light on the Kiyo would turn on.

I check to make sure Teams isn't using the camera, then I checked Synapse, and hit disable preview and the light went off. It was like Synapse was automatically turning on the camera preview even if it was background.

Anyone else seen this before?

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4 Replies

I have the same problem as does my wife who also has a Kiyo. Very annoying as it means we get repeated problems when logging into to zoom meetings. We are running Windows 10
Same problem here. It seems to be connected with the synapse software. The problem isn't occurring when synapse 3 is not loaded.

With synapse running the kiyo turns on every time i unlock my PC, or when logging in.

A very annoying bug, an update would be more than welcome.
Just Razer checking up on its fans.
Any news on this? I'm experiencing the same thing.