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[GIVEAWAY] Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

  • 10 January 2022
  • 96 replies

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96 Replies

May the gods be with us
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Will old disc works with this game?!? lol

I doubt it but who knows...
good luck to everyone. I don't normally play that kind of game

Awesome! Good luck everyone.
Would love to win this but definitely Good luck to all that entered!
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Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway. GL all 🙂
I will become the worlds top breeder! My monsters will become number one in the tournaments!
Goodluck to everyone!
Man what a throwback!
oooooo this is cool beans
Was about to say this.. It looks much like Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2.

Thanks for the giveaway Razer, hope I can win it :big_grin_: Good luck to everyone else as well :smile_:

Razer silver is a good like uyg
Hope to be in time. I know the anime so I'm curious about the game.
This is my childhood game, i really hope they will make another one some day i love it so much
I LOVE that this is making a comeback! It was such a good show, just as good as Digimon.
Awesome game, and good luck, have fun to everybody.
omg this looks so cool
Wow, that's a welcome blast from the past.
Good luck everyone!
Hope i still make it in time
i played this game since i in elementary school the days of spamming random cds to get a huge monster is so satisying those were the days broo
Thanks for the chance to win and good luck everyone.
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Good luck to everyone.