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CPU Temps on Blade 15 2019 2070 RTX and i7 9750H

  • 8 April 2020
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Hi Community,

according to HWinfo my CPU is reaching 99C degree max temp when gameing. The average temps are around 75.

Is that normal?

Please share your experience with me, I would appreciate it.

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9 Replies

Eh? Why suddenly German?

Aber auf jeden Fall danke für deine Antworten 😉
However, these 99°C should not be permanent. As long as it is clocked down again after a few seconds, this is all within the normal range for Razer.
I tsted it again, without taping out from the game to the browser. After 20 min of loead my avg temps were between 88-90. That sounds too high
Yeah, that's neat. But still ok, today's chips whether CPU or GPU can and must work well in the higher temp. Do you have the blade standing flat on the table? Do you still use an external keyboard and mouse?
I don't use an external keyboard. I usually use it on my lap with a thick book between my legs and the backside of my blade. However, I have tested it on my desk as well. The temps stay the same.
The blades cool best when the rear lower part is slightly raised. The heat is of course also transferred to the case, as the material also serves as cooling. And during gaming you notice it most, as the whole device gets very warm. If the CPU is permanently over 95°C, the CPU is clocked down, so it should also cool down a bit.
Generell sollte bei Leistung die Temperatur zwischen 75°C und 98°C sein. Beim surfen aber ohne Game im Hintergrund sollte die Temp. nicht höher wie 60°C sein, ausser YT, da kann es mal was wärmer werden.
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