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Mamba Wireless Button Failure

  • 22 August 2022
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Hi all,

Any advice on this? I've seen other closed threads on the topic, though everyone tries overly hard to point to it being a software/firmware/OS/etc. compatibility or update issue, when in reality it's clearly just hardware.

I've had three Razer Mamba Wireless mice and all three have the same issue, all three failed within 1-4 months of use, and all three have been predominantly used for work, and mildly used for gaming. All three lived in a temperature controlled environment, and all three remained atop a dedicated work station/desk, run on a large mouse pad over a dark brown wooden desk.

I've tried every single software related 'fix', nada, it's clearly the Mamba hardware. I've been told that I'm pretty much up a creek without a paddle on this, but just shocked that the product fails so easily. My Naga Molten Edition last significantly longer - anyone have advice for this situation? I mean, clearly there must be an outrageous number of people with this issue out there, the level of coincidence needed for me to get that many units with the exact same fault appearing so quickly leaves no other answer than quality issues.

Cheers for the insight, thoughts and hopefully, help.

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Switches are failing, but even new one should last much longer, than few months of use (maybe faulty switch batch).
If you our of warranty or don't care about it you can solder a new, good quality ones like kailh GM 4.0 or 8.0.