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New Blackshark V2 Pro Crackling sound

  • 4 February 2023
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Title says it all. I decided to try a Razer headset out but there is an awful crackling sound preset when more high pitch sounds come through, especially when some of my friends are talking. I've never had any issues with other headsets or my sound bar, I previously had HyperX Clouds and Cloud 2s and I just decided to replace them because they are getting a bit worn, but wasn't expecting a drop in sound quality from this product. So I was sure it was something else maybe causing it.

I've gone though all the troubleshooting on razers website, doing clean install of synapse, to drivers to changing the wireless USB slot as well as trying it analog. The crackling sound is present no matter what I do.

has anyone else encountered this issue and found a fix or is this just a faulty product?

4 Replies

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try it:
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Firmware Updater | RZ04-03220
Updated 08-Sep-2022

crackling in the sound occurs when after a null or low interval followed by a sudden peak, it can be an error in the audio buffer or the Speaker is damaged.
Ive had mine for a few months but when i came home today and turned on my headset it has this weird crackling sound whenever i hear music, watch youtube or play games.

how do i fix this!?!?!?!?

very well guys at my side no issue

same thing happened to me out of box, returning them ASAP