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Hey Insiders!

Razer Insider has celebrated years of great conversations. On top of that, we've seen Razer grow bigger and better and we have you, the fans to thank. In celebration of reaching over one million registered users on Insider, we want to show our appreciation for YOU, our fans, our very own Razer Insiders.

Gaming is an essential part of our lives. Whether we started with a controller in our hands, played command based games on two color screens or chased pixel blocks on our phones, there was a defining moment you realized, you were a gamer. A moment of epiphany that gaming wasn’t something that you did to pass the time. That gaming was the thing you thought of even when you weren’t gaming. That longing you felt because you were so connected to those unforgettable characters. The immersion of the world that sucked you in. Being unable to sleep at night because you were stuck in the game. Share that defining moment with us for a chance to get your hands on our Razer, Represent Prize Package which includes:

  • Razer Rogue 15.6'' Backpack V2
  • Razer Rising Snapback Cap
  • Razer Elite Dark Side Tee

And for those who share really great stories, we'll drop you some Silver in appreciation for sharing your moment with us.

Entering is simple: registered Insider members must reply to this thread. A winner will be chosen at random and notified through Razer Insider via direct message.

Let us celebrate you. Tell us your story.

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I think for me It was the summer of eighth grade. I have two brothers and before that summer we were the kids that built Legos and played outside when we had free time. I don't remember who pulled out their computer first but one of us did. They hopped onto a very simple to get game. it was free and had lots of options. (it was roblox) Anyway there are a whole bunch of game options on roblox. It started in the beginning of the summer of eighth grade. One of us pulled out a old computer back from like 2009. at the time our father worked for intel and he brought home these prototype laptop/tablet for each of us. This computer had zero to no processing power. but for us at the time it was absolutely incredible. The first day we played for like an hour on roblox. then the next day we played for like 3 hours. It got to a point where we were awake playing at 8 am to 3 in the morning playing (complete savage move at the time... bedtime was at midnight). I think it was at that moment when I realized that I was a "gamer". since then me and my friends are constantly logging in hours on anything from Minecraft to Paladins: champions of the realms. I took every opportunity to game. last year (my sophomore year) I actually bypassed the school security network with help from a friend and managed to download Minecraft on the school computers so we could play while at school. (when we didn't bring our laptops.) Now I play games every moment I get. Whether its in the car on a 5 minute trip or The second I finish my schoolwork. Now every single bit Of money I get goes to my gaming life. I just earned 60 bucks and that same day I went and spent it on the Razer Firefly Cloth edition. (ITS COMING IN TODAY!!!) Anyway that is when I would say I officially became a "Gamer" in the literal sense of the word. It is one of my best decisions.
Please tell your CEO of yours to release razer leviathan V2 DUE to small desktop space i wanna it to be facing me with razer LOGO and of course RAZER CHROMA booming me away!!!
i do not want to spend a brand new razer leviathan because its in the market for way to long!! i really got small desktop space!
i just work hard for my hard earn money and save just to spend on razer eco hardware product that is what i call complete my RAZER LIFE!!
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Ok for some reason It will not let me put an edit to my original post so I will make another post I Guess...

UPDATE: My Mousepad just came in and I immediately love the quality. It also came with a cellphone stand which I put in a promo code for... and on TOP of that it also came with a sample package of respawn! I love the Cellphone stand and mouse pad's quality! Keep up the good work Razer! Will definitely buy more of your products in the future!
Growing up I always played video games with my brother, I started on the Nintendo and worked my way up to PC. I never really thought of myself as a gamer, That was always my brother. Plus that was still a time where girls didn't really game. I remember Playing Skyrim and it was all I thought about, I would look at plant and think that I could gather that! And that is when I figured out that I was a gamer, and had been a gamer for a very long time. I've Always loved reading and gaming is basically reading but being able to play the lead in the story.
Gaming is part of my life, and I love every second of it!
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Thats a lot of cult members right there, more than even some religions. :)

I knew I was a gamer when I built my first gaming PC. Spend around 6 weeks just parts hunting and using an old PC Gamer magazine, back in 2006, I used the PC build guide inside to build my measly Core2Duo PC. I still remember the first game I played was Battlefield 2 and even though at the time I pirated it, I ended up buying the entire series and its expansions in physical disk form as a keepsake.
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I think it is time Min release that god d**n toaster. He has a million mouths to feed.

I always gamed on PCs in gaming cafes and even though I had a PC at home my realization only came when I first ordered a dedicated gaming peripheral. Used to use only standard peripherals but when I ordered my Deathadder from the Razerstore I realized I had stepped into a new era for me.
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Oh wow! I just wanted to say, congrats to us! 🎊🎉🎊🎉

One thing bothering me though... The giveaways (even the simple in-game stuff). They have been practically non-existent for about an year now. It just feels weird for a gaming community.

(I'm under the assumption that those keys are given to such websites for free)
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Thanks Razer for making gaming worthwhile. Due to the large variety of reward ranging from ingame items to peripherals and wearables, many gamers feel motivated to spend their time to play games and eventually represent their country to play among the pros and even earn a living. Thus, eliminating the "Gaming is useless!" perception once and for all. With the aid of quality peripherals made by Razer accompanied by the motto "For Gamers, By Gamers", gamers are able to perform well in competitions and defeat countless opponents, crushing them overwhelmingly, providing the best eyegasm for spectators and develop the gaming industry consequently. For casual gamers like me, Razer offered a range of product with unique bright lighting that syncs across multiple devices using Synapse, which lights up the room with different vibrant colours, creating a immersive gaming experience which makes gaming a lot more enjoyable and giving gamers the ability to enjoy optimum interactive environment when watching movies through the ambient awareness option. For example, through Synapse software, I am able to create the lighting effect based on my usage when gaming and watching movie. Subsequently, stress level from study and work can be decreased and gamers like me are able to enjoy a healthy life and balance between work and life. With the introduction of Razer Hardware Development Kit, gamers can even become developers which triggers their cognitive creativity and even generate some side income through the Razer Chroma workshop and improve the gamers' immersive gaming experience. Finally, with the latest Razer Streamer quest, more games can be exposed to public and more games with different mechanism can be found by the public thus motivating more game developers to create interesting games for the public to find the joy in life through gaming. Once again, thank you Razer and continue to work hard to improve the lives of humanity through gaming.
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Razer.... so stronk, so good
When I was a kid I have played HalfLife(1). I know that game was not made for kids but lets forget about the age rating for a moment:wink_:. Anyway as a young teenager this game was quite challenging for me. Sometime I could not move on to the next part of the game because the bosses or the puzzles appeared to be too hard or I was just too blind to see the hidden paths😭. But after taking a rest I could finish or solve all of them. I think that was the moment when I realized that I am on of these persons that has to finish and beat the game✊. After HalfLife I was triggered. I even finish games on my friends console which were not even mine😂. The game was too hard for him so I beat the game for him. I was even brave enough to try Starcraft2. This is one of the games I have never could imagine to play as a child because it was tough to learn but now I am pretty solid with it for a non-pro-gamer. When I think about my childhood and all those games I really want to play them again. At the moment I replaying Nox.
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Razer by Gamer, For Gamers!
For me was when I bought my first racer Mice, Mamba Wireless 2012, basically, when you buy your first Razer product, it's gonna be addicting.
Most of my stuff are Razer products, from mice, keyboard, headset, headset stand, wireless charger, bag, laptop sleeve. Definitely needs some more Razer products, but they're not cheap. Here's to hoping I still have work next year, and finally be able to purchase a Razer Blade Stealth 13".
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The moment of my life that made me realize that i'm a gamer was when my memory card for my PSX died with a saved game of FF VII where i had finished 100% of the game (each character full stats at 255, 8 of each master materia, etc.....). After a brief moment of sadness and rage, i happily put the disk in the console and start a new game.
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Since you mention this, i really remember when i was in school i started playing this mmorpg Perfect World, and damn i like it so much that somehow i got to play on US servers which were completely the opposite schedule as it is on Europe. And i spent so many nights grinding and farming and now i get to work night shifts lol. One of the best moments is my life.
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The earliest I've remembered that made me a gamer is when I was a kid, my dad taught me about 2 games we had in our desktop computer. It was 2 of Microsoft's games. One of them was a motocross game (it had stunts in it and 2 maps in the demo version, though labeled as trial), the other one had monster trucks in it. I had a really good time experimenting on those games a few years after I was introduced to those. Early on, though, I was raging because I didn't know how to win as easily in the motocross game. As for the monster truck game, I was fine with it because it had difficulty settings.
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Not only gaming is fun through experience, but I believe it is also a talent that gets passed from our parents. My father may not be a Formula 1 racer, but he is recognized as one of the best drivers. He has that predominant skills of driving which inspired me and the public and also passed the message "ride like a man".

One of my memorable games that I played was N4S 3 Hot pursuit. I don't know what it was, but when I grab the controls, I was ready to say, "bring it on, cops!". It is the speed and control of the game that I find so simulating in my life. I continue to play N4S series, at the moment I'm having a nostalgic moment of playing N4S U2 and MW1.

Not only the driving is in my gene on gaming, but even on the real roads as well, I like to speed up little bit from time to time. Just to keep my driving spirit up lifted, of course I still gotta follow the road rules.

I believe gaming is not just something we just discovered today, it has been discovered from our ancestors and their gifts got passed onto today's generation. We've got to do something with their great discoveries. Attached is my car.

To be honest?
I didnt have any moment that made me realize that I was a gamer...just because I always loved playing videogames since I was very very small.

Games are an art, they makes us dream.
In a world with cold hearted people and wars, videogames just made this planet a better place.
Everyone deserves a chance to play, no matter the country, gender or race.
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I say Razer deserves 1 million fans by far.
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1 million insiders, that's a solid community 👌
100% Razor fan here since the start! All my gear is razer,3 mice 2 keyboards mouse pad and desktop long mouse pad 2 headsets and soon a phone razer 2
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One of my greatest experiences in gaming was when I started playing World of Warcraft. I was a gamer before but this time was just amazing. I had a sleepover at my friends house and we were playing World of Warcraft in his basement. At that time I had bought my first ever Razer product too (Razer Abyssus) and I was so proud of it. We set up an gamer paradise with ice tea, pizza, cooling fans and darkened windows. It was summer and we had summer holidays - therefore we had plenty of time for gaming. We played WoW, watched funny videos, listened to good music for about a week. We went outside everyday for about an hour to get new food in order to continue the grind. I was sucked into the game exploring azeroth in all its beauty. We had so much fun and no regrets what so ever to game the whole time.
After the holidays we went back to school and everyone was suntanned coming from their summer vacations. But we were so pale because we stayed the whole time in the basement playing video games that we had to instantly laugh so hard and nobody understood why we were laughing.

Tl:dr: Amazing Summer holidays playing games and eating junk food with a very good friend of mine many years ago.

Thanks Razer for supporting this hobby and even making it a lifestyle. Love Razer. Love gaming. ❤️🐍
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1 million insiders, that's a solid community 👌

Don't know many other brands who can claim that!
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Drinking respawn right now!
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Here's to another million Insiders!