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razer blade stealth logo light

hello, I'm having a small issue with my laptop, the logo on the lid is not lighting anymore, that happened after a windows reinstall. the drivers are correctly installed and the razer synapse and everything is updated. the checkbox inside the software( synapse) is not doing nothing when i tick logo on/off.. everything else working normal, keyboard lights camera and etc... Google search did not helped.. also i reseted the laptop using his own recovery menu. still not glowing... maybe someone knows something about this bug

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what…. I hope someone see this post and fix it well….

At least you can reactivate😅, I can’t , I don’t know if it’s hardware or software anymore

me too have the same issue , always reboot on razer blade 18 the logo light always off automatically, need to open synapse to choose logo light off and on to re-active….

Also having the same issues after a windows update I did. Back logo is not lighting anymore and it came on one time temporarily on its own. But it stopped same day, we need help with this.