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Razer Tartarus V2 controller D-pad sticking / glitch

  • 7 December 2023
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so while using the Tartarus V2, the d pad sticks and you keep moving in one direction till u press the same direction again. I know a lot of people have this problem while looking through the forums and the one solution is to delete razer synaps. but unfortunately I use a lot of razer products and that's the best way to match and customize RGB. so its either I deal with that annoying glitch and have cool colors and effects. or i delete synaps and don't deal with that glitch but now half my RGB features are useless. I was hoping to bring this back to the attention of the developers to see if u can make a small patch for synaps so the people who use the Tartarus can enjoy there gaming and RGB lights at the same time. Please and thank you.

2 Replies

I wish you the best of luck. Though to be honest, nothing will come of it.

This issue has been so thoroughly investigated and demonstrated by the community over the course of so many years that if any sort of fix was intended or forthcoming it would have been done years ago. The answer from Razer is always the same “we value your feedback...” “we will forward to the developers...” and so on, but it’s all just to keep appearances up. Seeing as it has been clearly established that it is not a hardware issue but instead an issue in the Synapse software, there are basically two possibilities:

  1. The issue would cost to much to fix in time and resources, and since it doesn’t affect everyone, we simply ignore it as there is no profitability in fixing it.
  2. The issue has been identified, but is somehow so deep into the core of Synapse, that it simply can’t be fixed. There attitude in this case is simply we can’t fix it but don’t tell anyone, since sales would suffer, the ones that complain have already given us their money anyway.

I myself have suffered with this issue for years, and tried many times to get some sort of resolution to it, but to no avail whatsoever. reWASD works quite well, however that is not allowed in many games, but depending on your use-situation it could be an option. If I worked as a developer on Synapse I would be deeply ashamed that a third party piece of software, is a better driver than the one the manufacturer built for the product.


Anyway I wish you the best, but seeing as all “negative” posts get removed on these forums, I strongly doubt you will ever see this reply.

I have similar experience with the razer support as lellefot .

Razer doesn’t care about the customers, they only wants to sell high-prized products and then its up to you to fix the issues. 

You can be lucky that the support didn’t do anything because in my case they broke my computer (Windows stopped booting) during “fixing” the issue instead of fixing the issue.  and after that they said … it’s not our business ...