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    Razer Squad Season 2 Invite Links, Oct 23, 2020 at 5:46 AM
  1. FanachTubeHD

    https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/11/09bd864cef28 play more than 4 hours, please, and if you want, add me in friends in discord #fanach2870
  2. Welcome #RazerStreamers!, Oct 17, 2020
  3. Natachat90

    Hello friends,

    I think a lot of us have outdated hardware. I am playing on PC Intel I5 2500k CPU. lol
    In addition, if you want to use deep learning in Nvidia Studio for your stream, you need at least a Geforce RTX 2060 graphics card. This ficture is so awesome, you have the auto tracking of the face as if a cameraman filming you. Real-time background processing without the need for a green background.
    I still can't believe this technological presentation by Nvidia. Nvidia is expensive but it offers the best for streaming them.
    It also depends on the game you want to stream, I am on Star Citizen and Cyberpunk 2077. Two games that are extremely CPU intensive. With my Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, I really have trouble playing Star Citizen just to play in low quality, I have 40 fps lol
    I don't think viewers want to see a game as ugly as it is on my PC, they dream of raytracing, but I can't offer it to them.
    For that, I cannot do the streaming, I bought a Razer Kiyo webcam, at least I already have the lighting and the camera, I will surely open a Youtube channel without stream to start.

    Coming back to the #RazerStreamer program, I think it's great. Thank you Razer for helping both beginner and professional Streamers.
    I read the description, it looks very interactive, there are quests, three thirds of popularity. If you want to start streaming, I think this is the best opportunity for you to be supported by a gaming brand. Congratulations Razer for the Gamer community.
  4. Welcome #RazerStreamers!, Oct 16, 2020
  5. Dekades

    The first batch of members should have access to the closed forum found here: https://insider.razer.com/index.php?forums/razerstreamer/

    Please bookmark the link as it is currently not listed in the directory and it will be your only way in.

    Many of you may have signed up but are not able to access the forums. This can happen for many reasons.
    1. The application was not filled out correctly. There are very specific instructions to follow on the application. To gain access these conditions must be met.
      1. You are already an existing member of the #RazerStreamer program.
      2. You must have a Razer ID.
      3. You must have an Insider account.
    2. The email used to sign up for access to Insider, must be the same email used to register for the #RazerStreamer program and the same email used for the Razer ID.
    3. If none of these conditions are met, access will not be granted.
    4. It is possible there was a typo in the application, e.g., @gmial.com instead of @gmail.com.

    Create Razer ID
    #RazerSteamer Home
    #RazerStreamer closed forum access application

    You can try submitting your application again if you do not have access after a week.

    Lastly, submitting the application does not create a Razer ID or Insider ID for you. You must have those items before submitting the application.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  6. Don't buy a Junglecat - Razer has no replacement cases, Oct 15, 2020
  7. FiszPL

    https://razercarestore.razer.com/ #Fail - hope, that someone will wake up, and add new parts for all Razer products.
    Great idea with the store, but not the implementation.
  8. CORTEX GAMES | Gamer DNA, Oct 15, 2020
  9. Tony_Bavalan

    Hey guys I'm from India. I have been using RAZER Cortex for 11 months, I think. Trust me the Oct 2nd update is insane. I have been using cortex only on my phone. But the thing is, I was rewarded around 4K silver til now only around this month and it was actually fun using it with #Paid-to-play feature. If anyone got any idea of purchasing RAZER products after purchase, just register them in your RAZER account and you'll be rewarded with RAZER silver. You can also redeem these silver points for a RAZER product. They have also introduced these frames for user right now which is even cooler and I personally love the #RAZERCON2020 frame. Why are you guys waiting, just download it to win some fun. #LOVEFROMINDIA
  10. [TotW] A RazerCon 2020 Post-Mortem, Oct 15, 2020
  11. Tony_Bavalan

    Basically, I'm from India and I have to Watch the program from 9:30 PM to 1:00 AM. I can't even sleep because of the on going party done by #RAZER. It was wonderful. Overall a very well-done presentation. I really hope this becomes a thing, when the world is allowed to come back together again. It would be really cool to go (or) wherever the convention is and attend in person. But watching it from home was enjoyable as well. Regardless, can't wait for #Razercon2021 in all its glory and #THANK YOU RAZER for all those giveaways.
  12. [TotW] A RazerCon 2020 Post-Mortem, Oct 14, 2020
  13. JETventureBurntUmber522

    I logged in at 8:30 Am for the start of the show and popped in on and off to see different segments of the program. I thought that the idea to check in with the store in LV was a great idea as they were genuinely interested in the different panelists and announcements throughout the day and could provide raw reactions and opinions as the show progressed.

    The keynote at 9 am was amazing; I missed that style of presentation since covid hit with a presenter on a huge stage ready to dish what they've got in store. Plus the integration of the RGB and the global chats onstage was very well done. The Iskur looked very comfortable, Wireless kitten headset looks fashionable as always (sidenote: the TikTok dance challenge was slightly cringey but fun), Seiren mini looks very functionally versatile, Tomahawk is clean and sleek, and all the chroma stuff looked very cool. But I'm a poor college kid who can't afford any of these and just enjoy looking at them.

    Love the environmental initiative with the Sneki Snek. Cute plush with the 10 trees planted ambition to boot, well done Razer.

    I think some more versatility with the chroma would be appreciated. From what I observed the chroma functionality has to be licensed out to different companies. I think the option to integrate chroma with smart lights would help people make their setups even better. Yes, the Christmas lights looked cool, and I can already imagine people doing non-Christmas stuff with them. But even just a generic light strip with RGB would make a world of difference, and maybe inspire people to make those toasters that they've begged razer for years.

    Question about the giveaways: is the #razercon2020 grand raffle still ongoing? I heard that they were extended to a week after the show but I can't find conclusive evidence. I won the 5 gold/500 silver giveaway so that was well appreciated.

    After party was pretty lit too. The acts all did a fantastic job and their setups with the RGB were very slick. I can only imagine what it must have looked like with an RGB setup synced to the music.

    Overall a very well-done presentation. I really hope this becomes a thing IRL when the world is allowed to come back together again. It would be really cool to go out to vegas or wherever the convention is and attend in person. But watching it from home was enjoyable as well. Regardless, can't wait for Razercon2021 in all its glory.
  14. Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2018) webcam not found, Oct 14, 2020
  15. bicyclethink420

    #MeToo... What's up Razer? No support!?
  16. [RAZERCON 2020] deadmau5, Oct 13, 2020
  17. FiszPL

    I saw #RazerCon2020 a bit, but missed deadmau5 :slightly_sad:
  18. [TotW] A RazerCon 2020 Post-Mortem, Oct 13, 2020
  19. raris

    I was logged on about 830am PST and was there for the entire stream (cept for lunch and dinner and the occasional bathroom breaks). I honestly thought it was pretty cool. the last Con i had attended was years ago (blizzcon) and well it was overwhelming/busy - was so much to see and was hard to keep with the program and get to what i wanted to see/hear. with this streamed i found myself tuned into the program more and was able to keep up.

    The keynote gave me some chills - just seeing how far Razer has come and what its doing for gamers, and the environment was even better. KUDOS!

    The panels were awesome and gave me some insight on products (current and upcoming).....xmas lights ill be ordering for sure!

    Senki Snek - I saved 20 trees that day - AWESOME. hopefully the pair of sneks will be here soon! also grabbed a base station because, well RGB of course.

    yep....i was sold...pre-ordered the Iskur. cant wait for that to arrive - it will be replacing my Respawn chair which is only 8 months old.

    After-party - i cannot even begin. lets start at synapse ync - WOW. from the get go it was cool, but when the music started going....it was game over - lights out in office and i found myself vibin' hard. loved it and cant wait for more streams from Razer to do this. what a delight.

    great amount of panels, interviews and showcases - of course we (i speak for all of us) would have liked to see a Chroma Toaster unveil, but maybe next year hehe.

    was pretty cool as i was a giveaway winner (no nothing big) but i got some Razer Gold and Silver - cool in my book.

    love Razer as a company and what they are doing to help the world (masks) and the environment (sneki!)

    all in all - for something that was a first-time try Razer in my opinion NAILED IT. I am looking forward to #Razercon2021 and all its glory.
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