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    That is it for the CES 2016 sale?, Jan 15, 2016
  1. Charcoalsharpbicycle796

    Razer is only where they are because of the support
    Razer is only where they are because of the support of us gamers, please don't tell me that they deserve to screw us hopeful people over because we voted them the best. It's obviously just a hype scam for publicity, and not at all for the fans. The amount of money they would lose from a 24-hr sale would still be almost negligible compared to their total sales for the day. You somehow forget that Razer builds these devices for pennies on the dollar, then charges us more than 20 times actual cost. Sure , they have the right to do this since we are the ones that choose to spend our money on overpriced goods like this, but next time I will know to back a different company that actually proves they care about their customers, and not their pockets. #Dontsay24hrsalewhenitendsin20minutes
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