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    [3..2..1..LAUNCH!!] November 5th, Call of Duty: VANGUARD, Nov 5, 2021
  1. [GIVEAWAY] Samurai Warriors 5, Jul 27, 2021
  2. Cortex P2P games?, Jul 15, 2020
  3. FiszPL

    We need MOAR games on Cortex PC #PCMasterRace
  4. [TotW] PCMR vs Next Gen Consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X), Jun 16, 2020
  5. evilchargerfan

    these things never end well ... lol. but here goes:

    I am genuinely impressed with how far consoles have come and that there is room in the world for BOTH pc and consoles... but PC MASTER RACE FTW.

    There is no competition! Period.

    The experience is "not the same" on console. Have your console friends ever raved about how great WOW or StarCraft or WC3 is? Of course not! Because on console those games simply dont work out.

    For those of you who play Overwatch, do you recall the nerf they put in place to slow down Torb and Sym Turrets? Console players complained how about fast the turrets would aim/lock on ... this was never an issue on PC. OH and, if consoles were so great ... why is the entire Overwatch League played on pc and using KB / Mouse?

    Do any of you have friends or co workers that say "a GOOD player with controller can go toe to toe with a KB / Mouse user" ... I have plenty. Fast forward to today, where cross platform is a thing ... those same players all of a sudden feel that kb / mouse is not fair because they can click and kill more easily than controller ... *insert MM HMMM face*

    BONUS points = Anytime I see people on social media war over xbox vs playstation, I cant help but laugh at both sides. #PCMASTERRACE
  6. [Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!, Jun 21, 2017
  7. CowiekMaupa_no_id

    I used to be PC gamer as a kid, as teenager I got x360. On college I rejoined #pcmasterrace, and I got Razer mousepad - It's amazing, best mousepad I ever had! It would look great next to Razer laptop :D
  8. Console Clash is back for Round 2!, Jun 15, 2017
  9. FiszPL

    I don't have console (yes, #PcMasterRace), but I vote for Team Raiju :D
  10. Console Clash: Team Wildcat VS Team Raiju, Apr 12, 2017
  11. ETitus

    The symmetrical design of the Raiju is sweet, along with the sleek premium feel to it.
    But still, #pcmasterrace
  12. Console Clash: Team Wildcat VS Team Raiju, Apr 10, 2017
  13. Armydrifter

    #Team Raiju after #PCMasterRace of course lol
  14. What gaming platform do you prefer?, Mar 25, 2017
  15. ARMOR_152

    #pcmasterrace Desktop for sure. Although I used to have a gaming laptop.
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