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    Razer Min - Chroma's Sibling (aka Antagonist), Nov 14, 2014
  1. HaltusKain

    There's been a push toward this Chroma thing lately, and it's great for the folks who enjoy the flashy colors. Me personally, I couldn't care less about my device's "bling" factor, and I'm hoping there are a noteworthy amount of others in agreement, so I'd like to instigate a push to the other direction: the same kick-ass equipment, but without the bells and whistles.


    Like Chroma, Min is not a product, but a theme. Short for "Minimalist" and a nod to CEO @Min-Liang Tan 's name and signature black style.

    Gone is the rainbow aesthetic of Chroma; and other features included solely for the aesthetic. LED's will instead go back to Razer's classic green, and really only present to indicate whether or not a device is on; to that endeavor, one LED per device should be plenty.


    Well, other than not wanting our device to look like a Skittles commercial, the Min edition would come with two advantages:

    1 - Performance
    Fewer LED's and hardware to control the LED's means more battery life. Fewer parts in general means less chance something will break.

    2 - Cost
    I don't know how much of an impact Chroma technology makes on a device's price tag, but it can't be free. Part of the Min target audience will be folks who are a bit tight on cash, and may find some of Razer's products prohibitively expensive. Cutting out the frills to offer a less expensive but ultimately just as capable device would make Razer's products appealing to a larger than current pool, meaning more sales for Razer; and more gamers able to enjoy Razer's quality products. Win win.

    Note - the goal here isn't to replace Chroma; but for products to be released in multiple editions, to include Chroma and Min. It would be up to the individual to decide which they prefer.

    So come on over to the dark side! #PaintItBlack
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