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    Razer phone experience, Jun 7, 2018
  1. Leongtap

    Oh my, the razer phone is the greatest phone i have ever used.


    Haha, please visit the above link and vote for me to know whether i have been treated properly or not.

    The system disallows me to post a thread when it detects negativity in my posts. You can check my profile and all my posts to see how i tested the system.

    Cheers ! #Razersucks and now #Razerforumisfakenewspropaganda

    To conclude, if you buy any razer product online (in 90% of the cases), you are left to deal with the reseller yourself unless you buy through their official channels which is also usually 10% more expensive when there aren't any promotions going on.

    I better post more here so others can see it.


    Razer Phone
    Razer Warranty
    Razer Screen
    Razer bad experience
    Do not buy
    Warranty Policy
    Do not be tricked
    Reseller Scam
    Will not allow you to post
    freedom of speech = razer hate speech

    Please vote if you have bought from anywhere other than a Razer official Reseller. This is also why you should better go with asus or logitech in south east asia.
  2. Razer Warranty Nightmare [Razer phone for me], Jun 7, 2018
  3. Leongtap

    Dear fellow gamer/razerfans,

    That feeling when you open your razer products, greeted by the complimentary printed letter signed by the CEO and happily register your razer product warranty online and feeling safe... It was all a BIG GREEN LIE.


    I never had any experience warrantying a razer product before and you can see from the screen above, i had lots of them, many more to scroll down and some which i did not register long ago, so i wont brag about it too much, but the fact is that their products are good and stylish until.....

    The Razer Phone, my experience with it was mixed, and no i did not do any modifications on the OS. The country i am currently residing in is stuck with only android 7.1.1. One day when i was scrolling up and down reading the news on my razer phone, i suddenly realized i can't switch tabs for some reason, later only to find out all other apps buttons or accessibility in the top right corner stopped, it was a screen problem.

    I will post their response to me and my exchange with Razer Support for your everyone to decide whether Razer warranty programs should be as highly regarded as we all thought.

    FYI, i'm Malaysian who had been at SG last year for a couple of months and had seen been back working in my own country. I travel alot, i even bought some razer products from china too.


    Hello Leon,

    Good day! Thank you for contacting Razer Mobile Technical Support. We are glad to assist you.

    We understand that you are having issues with your Razer phone. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please answer the following questions below so that we can determine what to do next.

    Hi John,

    1. When did you start noticing this?
    5th June 2018 (yesterday) afternoon, when i was browsing the web, switching from tab to tab and suddenly i noticed i can't switch (absolutely nothing happened in between) and noticed that the same thing persist when i switched apps and realize it was a screen issue while the phone had been in my hands the entire time.

    2. Are there any physical damage on the device like dents, scratches, cracks, etc.?
    Yes but the dent/scratches were done in January 2018 not long after i bought the phone, my son (3 years old) dropped it while watching youtube and it rolled on vertically resulting in slight scratches on all 4 corners (what are the chances dammit !). I do not have a secondary camera with me now so i can't show you the photographs but i can ensure you that they are superficial only and won't affect the phone's functionality.

    3. May I know when and where the device was purchased?

    Online (https://www.qoo10.sg/) on 14th December 2017 at Singapore, i now however live and mostly work in Malaysia.


    4. Does the phone have a Razer screen protector or a third party one?
    No Razer screen protector as it was basically always sold out. How about suggesting to Marketing Dept. to bundle it for future reference.

    Please try the troubleshooting steps below. This looks like a hardware issue but we need to isolate by applying some software steps. If none of the steps work, then it would be safe to say that this is a hardware issue and we can explore other options. There are also hardware issues that are software related.

    Try also placing the phone on landscape mode. It might help during the navigation.

    1. Make sure that the system is updated. To check if the system is updated, go to Settings>About Phone>System Update>Check for Update.

    Android version: 7.1.1
    Security patch level: January 5, 2018
    Last successful check for update at 3:32 PM

    2. Perform a hard reset. This will not erase any information from your phone. Press and hold the power and volume up keys simultaneously for 10 seconds or until the Razer logo appears. Your phone should automatically restart or reboot. This might get tricky since the two buttons have to be pressed at the same time for the hard reset to work.

    I have tried hard resetting it few times before i contact support and it didn't had any effect, tried it again twice today and nada, still dead screen on top portion.

    Before i try the last option below which i had yet to try, i will send you these screen grabs of some test i did with some apps.

    The white dots are the ones not working


    3. If the hard reset does not work, the last resort would be a factory reset. For the factory reset, go to Settings>Back up and reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone. Make sure to back up your data before performing the reset. Once the Welcome screen is displayed, your phone has finished factory resetting and rebooting.

    Yea..... No, did it and made no difference whatsoever (The same screen areas are unresponsive), nowadays its easy to backup everything onto the cloud. Now you should have to tell me how to send it for repairs and in which country, the country of product origin or the country i am currently residing in. These 2 are just a stone throw away anyways. Just a matter of arrangements, please provide feedback asap.

    All the best,


    Razer Mobile Support Representative


    Leon Sim

    AND~~~ The response i got today.

    Hello Leon,
    Thank you for answering my questions and for trying the steps. Since the issue still persists, what I can recommend is to get in touch with your reseller for a replacement. I'm afraid that the website where you bought the phone is not one of our authorized resellers. If they won't cover the replacement, let us know so that we can further assist you.

    All the best,

    Razer Mobile Support Representative


    This is disappointing to say the least, is there no way you guys can assist directly on this matter ? Whenever i buy other razer products locally, the retailers have always told me that Razer products can easily process the warranties through online. Is this problem unique to Razer phone or is it just this bad all over ? Sorry but this is the first time i had to warranty a razer product despite owning so many of them.

    Leon Sim

    So the lesson of the story is that to never buy any Razer Products outside of who they claim are authorized re seller for a replacement. Do not change country of purchase (Fair enough but F***er).

    And to never support first gen Razer Prototypeducts if your dont want to get burned. I stand by my comment that they have good products overall, but their first gen attempt-wares sucks and now we also learned that they refuse to honor the warranties despite providing the illusion that they do.

    What is the purpose of displaying the cool Razer trophy product registeration ? proving to others how much money razer have scammed from you. I will stop buying any Razer products for awhile now. They really should give a big fat warning to other not to buy their products other than from OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED RETAILERS, whoever the F these are.

    Cheers ! #Razersucks

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