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    [US/CA Only] Razer zSilver Raffle (BETA), Dec 5, 2017
  1. BrianRevy

    I havent heard of the paint chipping off, But I guess it depends how careful you are with it too? not just predicting where to place to cup but paying attention your putting it right onto the holder ;P And I would love to show it off as much as possible too, but I dont exactly have a worthy enough gaming station -yet- all work in progress while i pay off my $16k CAD debt lel so yeah looooong way xD

    And I mean this Raffle thing is only still a "Beta" #YOLO at the end of the day c;
  2. Profile Post, Aug 3, 2017
  3. xldestro

    Try hard if you can. #YOLO
  4. The Razer Mug Holder, May 21, 2017
  5. BrianRevy

    Thanks for the heads up ;o I normally get my shipment from FedEx tho ;o and yeah generally I do get charged extra upon arriving but #Yolo lol
  6. Maining Hanzo in Competitive, Apr 23, 2017
  7. BrianRevy

    I bought a new Overwatch account just to play snipers only, regardless of what mode I play. #Yolo
  8. Profile Post, Apr 10, 2017
  9. [Contest Over] Razer Play of the Game Contest, Jul 7, 2016
  10. Caleldis

    well, my first time getting POTG after playing for 3days.
    but it's on BaStion so :| #tank #yolo #BS
  11. Razer Store Manila, PH...anyone coming? (08.15), Aug 14, 2015
  12. frgmrsbygmrs

    I'll be ditching my Saturday class (Major subject IT Programming 2 7:30 - 10:30) just for this :confused:. Will be going to the mall with my pal @ approx. 6:50 am. I'll be wearing a T-shirt (not sure what color it's called but it's dark) with a theme: "Lazy but Talented". So if you came to notice me, come and say hi! :DI'll be bringing my so called "Razer Blade" (Macbook pro w/ razer sticker on top of Apple logo :rolleyes:) and gonna watch some anime and Ti5 matches downloaded (not sure if I can download it later 'cause internet speed issues :angry:)while in line.
    #Razer - 111 <subject (not sure if it's the same to every other colleges)
  13. Profile Post, Jan 14, 2015
  14. boxbyteFeldspar364

    Honestly its here #yolo
  15. Profile Post, Jan 11, 2015
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