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    Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 Fan, Mar 31, 2017
  1. raihei

    That sounds great. After I sent my Blade back last month because of the idle noise and because I thought Razer will not be able/willing to fix that problem, I ordered a new one a few minutes ago. It will arrive tomorrow. Hopefully the Bios update will install #fingerscrossed #excited :big_grin_:
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  3. Predator5


    The hype is real!
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  5. jordan_lu

    I entered! #excited
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  7. Flumperz

    Just got Razer Comms, lets see what your about...... #Razer #Excited
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  9. blackJaxs

    Hoping to get a Nabu X. #excited
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  13. atonized

    Countdown begins for Nabu X. #excited