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    Overwatch | Share your Play of the Game & Highlights, Sep 29, 2017
  1. MyNameIsToni

    912733873515220992 is not a valid tweet id

    My first widow air-shot potg (dat minimal flick tho ;) )

    And todays Top-3

    Starting with comp-match winning panic Junk- ult (if I don't fall asleep watching that upload-buffering circle in twitter #processing)

    913872248561336320 is not a valid tweet id

    Following with surprisingly good ear using, for me (I'm listening loud music while I practice heros that I don't usually use, thanks for krakens I heard that HacRee) (and again #processssssssssing. thank god I have time to search for a movie while uploading)

    there you go
    913873721051500544 is not a valid tweet id

    I'm starting to like widow...

    Actually, I have one more which was a bit of surprise for a level 264 player who has less than 2hours total with Genij, yes I did get my first Genji potg ever :D

    913825340136546309 is not a valid tweet id

    Oh yeah and that last Widow play. (this gurl needs some more hours in my hands, once I miss one shot I miss ten in a row. Correction is enemy)

    913875255332130816 is not a valid tweet id

    That said. I wish you all good night and happy gaming!'
    Probably back with more potgs (maybe more reasonable ones) during the weekend and one might just say that maybe I will get my ass back to streaming either during or after weekend.
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