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    Request to the CEO: Razer Edge Update, Jan 15, 2015
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    I’m been a fan of your products, especially the Razer Edge. While other competitors may have thin and light gaming laptops, no one can claim to have released a discrete GPU tablet other than Razer.


    The original Razer Edge did not sell well, because of a variety of factors. Some of them are:

    1. Lack of available peripherals -
    This is critical for a gaming tablet, the store was constantly sold out of accessories.

    2. Poor peripheral quality -
    A particular focus is on the keyboard dock, one of the most requested and yet horrendously bulky accessories made for the Razer Edge. This alone doomed the product.

    3. Limited marketing -
    The product made a big splash at CES, but gamers were not convinced as to a proper “use case” for the Edge.

    I know that by now, with the R&D team you have assembled a Razer Edge refresh or a 2 in 1 Mini Blade could be extremely viable in the market. The critical factor is the keyboard dock, people really appreciate a solid user experience and particular focus should be given to this. The Macbook Air 11” is incredibly popular amongst your core market of 18-49 year olds, and a new product would make inroads into that market. Also, the affordability of the Razer Edge or Razer Mini Blade would be much more enticing for those desiring a Razer laptop but not quite able to stretch to the $2000+ USD cost of a Blade or Blade Pro.

    For the sanity of the members, as the Razer Edge 2013 is officially EOL, is this experiment officially over or is there some hope for the (near!) future?



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  2. Profile Post, Jan 14, 2015
  3. It is time... For a new Razer Edge or Razer Mini Blade!, Jan 5, 2015
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    I posted this a while back and received some great responses, with Intel officially releasing Broadwell today I'm hoping to see the following either at CES or in the next few months from Razer:

    Screen Size: 10.1" or 11.6"
    CPU: Intel Broadwell i7
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960/970m
    SSD: 64/128/256GB Samsung

    Ideally, the form factor would be a pure laptop (the Razer Mini Blade) or a tablet convertible (The Razer Edge 2015).


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  5. Razer 11" Mini Blade - any interest?, Oct 17, 2014
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    Two points that are interesting so far - I didn't even think of a cheaper price for a smaller 11" Razer Blade, but looking back at the Razer Edge prices, even with a keyboard dock, it makes sense.

    For a similar configuration, I would imagine the split would be the same as it is now, with a $300-$400 USD difference in between the 11",14" and 17" Blades.

    Secondly, even though the sample size is still relatively small, I hope someone at Razer has noticed the trend in the poll. I always thought the Razer Edge was a great product in need of a great keyboard dock, and it seems the numbers bear me out.

    Nearly 80% of the respondents want something with a keyboard (either a full-fledged laptop or a laptop/tablet hybrid), whilst less than 5% would be interested in a plain Razer Edge tablet refresh.

    I hope Razer didn't draw wrong conclusions from the Razer Edge, I'm not sure how successful it was but it addressed only a fraction of the market potential. Min-Liang, build this!

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  7. Razer 11" Mini Blade - any interest?, Oct 15, 2014
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    Lots of things! Online gaming can be done quite well at 768p, as can offline games. In terms of doing coding, I completely agree with you that a larger screen is the way to go.

    However, for college use, medium gaming, internet surfing, Skype, e-mail and all around usefulness an 11.6" hybrid or laptop is amazing. Look at the sales figures for the Macbook Air 11, or just walk around a college campus and you'll see dozens.

    Basically, I believe the market is ripe for a second version of the Razer Edge, either in laptop or hybrid form. Like the original 17" Razer Blade, it needed refinement, and by looking at the poll responses it needed a much better keyboard dock, as most users (65%+) want something with either a built in keyboard or a snap on keyboard dock.

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  9. Razer 11" Mini Blade - any interest?, Oct 15, 2014
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    splashman, I think you nailed it - option #2 and #3 are basically different versions of the Razer Edge. Here is a similar concept to #3:


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  11. Razer 11" Mini Blade - any interest?, Oct 15, 2014
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    (Intel Broadwell Reference Design)

    I've been thinking about the Razer lineup, and in particular the future of the Razer Edge and how Intel Broadwell will allow for gaming in a much smaller form factor. I wanted to ask the community, is there any interest in a new Razer Edge/Razer Mini Blade?

    Gaming on the go would make my life, and I think many others, much more enjoyable. Many times while flying I wish I could have a computer that fits on a tray table comfortably and yet handle some good games at decent specs. For travel/general use, nothing beats a good 11.6" laptop (The Macbook Air 11 is testament to this). College students would appreciate the great mix of size and utility as well.

    I think for now the specs would probably be something like the following:
    CPU: Intel Broadwell i7
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 960/970m
    SSD: 64/128/256GB Samsung

    The possible configurations I've come up with are:

    1. Razer Mini Blade laptop - 11.6" screen, basically a shrunken version of the Razer Blade 14"

    2. Razer Edge refresh - 10.1" tablet, with docking station (better made than the previous style!)

    3. Razer "Hybrid" (name TBD) - 11.6" hybrid tablet/laptop, the touchscreen tablet snaps out to enable on the go use (con: harder to cram all the above spec into just the tablet portion, thickness might be an issue such as on the original Edge)

    I'm leaning to #1, wanted to see what everyone else thought.

    I've included the Intel Broadwell reference design, Razer could come out with something really similar as option #2 or 3.

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