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    Welcome #RazerStreamers!, Nov 18, 2020
  1. bravebird100

    hi everyone does anyone know where to sign up for #razerquest
  2. Welcome #RazerStreamers!, Nov 17, 2020
  3. vortx26

    I am Streamer that's why I registered in #RazerStreamer and I got an email for looking out for #RazerQuest November and so I'm here
    btw...I stream on Twitch (I should not be providing the link here )
  4. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | Compete with Control, Dec 19, 2019
  5. xTHxGrizzly

    I won a pair of these from the November #Razerquest and couldn't wait to get them, so being the holiday season I went out and bought a pair as they where on sale! I LOVE THEM, i've been using my Astro A40's for years and wanted something new I thought I wanted wireless but I didn't like any of the wireless setups other than the Steel Series ones that come with 2 batteries that you can swap out as the headset dies (reminds me of the old Triton Warheads for the 360 my favorite i ever used on the 360).

    Setting them up was a breeze, audio is way louder than on the A40's with the old mix amp, and they cancel way more outside noise (I have a 3 year old that plays/watches TV in the room with me while i game who usually is loud enough to make me miss footsteps....then die)

    SO now that I have a pair already and I just received my notification they have been shipped I think I'm going to give them away during one of my streams. Its gonna make someone else super excited and happy to have such an amazing headset, especially if they don't already have one!
  6. New to Insider, Not to Razer, Dec 14, 2019
  7. xTHxGrizzly

    Hey everyone,

    Figured I'd stop in and Introduce myself, I've been using Razer's products since I built my PC just upgraded a few things as well. I also bought a Razer Blade this year along with the Hammerhead Bluetooth headphones which I love and will be getting the true wireless ones for christmas.

    I am a #Razerstreamer as well and im sure some of you here are as well, I mostly play PUBG or COD but am always open to something new. I was one of the winners for Novembers #RazerQuest as well! I'm pretty excited to try out my first Razer Headset, I should be getting a Razer Kraken TE.

    If you want to check my stream out I'll link it below too! drop your links and ill come say hi as well!

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