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    One Million Strong, Sep 17, 2019
  1. StanDutchDesign

    The best reminders of me really starting to like gaming all started when i was 9 it started with runescape on a really bad pc i had back then one with those heavy monitors my desk could barely hold, then i switched to xbox 360 and i played alot of call of duty and bioshock
    I loved call of duty modernwarfare 2 i used to play it day and night and even skip school to get this master prestige. Ive been a gamer ever since now im older and i have a job and i found Razer. It started with the razer kraken v2 pro and i love it! I bought my little brother the white one myself the black one and my girlfriend the quartz pink oval one. Then i wanted more so i bought the razer huntsman elite wich is the best keyboard ive ever laid my hands on, then came the razer firefly with the razer mamba elite wich i also love! Then i tought lets go crazy! And i bought the razer nommo 2.0 speakers to and both the razer xbox and ps4 controller,Now i have the razer nabu watch and my latest razer product is the razer headset stand ofcourse with chroma to. I recommend everyone i know to buy razer gear since its absolutely perfect and goodlooking to i got my buddy to buy the razer blackwiddow elite. Please keep up the amazing work!

    Stan Deelen. #roadto2million!
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