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  1. Deock

    The new Assassin's Creed: Origins :boom:...:cool_:

    incredible..... Thank's for the opportunity #teamrazer @Razer|Gwynbleidd & @mltan
  2. Interesting idea for Paid to Play, Aug 15, 2017
  3. markieg

    Depends if you think there are fake accounts going around. Should be easy to determine who the real fans are! I think it's a great platform and I thank razed for it #teamrazer
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  5. bytetoolsVenetianRed087

    never heard of a gaming keyboard or a gaming mouse before till my brother gave me a deathadder classic, it has to be the most comfortable mouse i ever used. since then i buy the keyboard and the headset to complete the set. #teamrazer
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  7. retroammoGreenSheen022

    my most memorable experience is Razer is not buying a product. but when i attended the store opening here in manila. SM north edsa. i was one of the people who did an overnight to get a free kraken pro with a signature of our beloved CEO minliang-tan, Alodia and Ashley. Our CEO was about to visit the site where the new store will open and was surprise that the Fans are all over the place the night before the opening of the store. then ta-da!! he treats us with PIZZAAAAAAASSSSS. a lot of pizza box came and he gave it to his fans as a sign of appreciation to us. damn i got at least 5slices :D then waited with my friends. i love Razer products. but i fell in love with how awesome our CEO was. Business is business. but his love to his Fan is something we can treasure. something that will keep us buying such great products. How committed he is in bringing great gaming peripherals for us to use. How he gives appreciation to the R&D team behind the razer office door who innovate their products. how committed his team in doing their Job. if i am given a chance to be part of Razer company. i will gladly accept it with my whole heart. to be working with Razer. for me is a great privilege as an IT guy and as a gamer. #teamRazer #forgamersbygamers #razer #minliang-tan
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  9. Lorden7ropy

    The day my Tarantula, Lachesis and Mako arrived, ergonomically the most comfortable mouse I have ever used and my mako has been my long loved speakers ever since... I remember unboxing them and being in awe of their design. Keep up the good work #teamrazer
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  11. jedijerry

    I made the switch to Razer products in 2016. I can say that was the best pc gaming move I've made thus far. The razer product line is by far the best in my opinion. #teamRazer:big_grin_:
  12. Profile Post, Nov 30, 2016
  13. Spirda7

    i may be a new to insider but i have been #teamrazer since 2011 when i bought the then top of the line mamba, destructor, and megaladon
  14. [Contests!] #TeamRazerFighting at Worlds 2015, Nov 16, 2015
  15. Hozimina

    I knew #TeamRazer would win.
  16. [Contests!] #TeamRazerFighting at Worlds 2015, Oct 15, 2015
  17. technokat

    It is an exciting time for us at #TeamRazer as we dive into one of the largest eSports event in the world – RIOT Games League of Legends World Championships. Follow us as we deliver exciting match updates and all the information you need on our teams competing at Worlds. Check out our minisite here.

    While our eSports athletes battle it out for the prize and glory, we’d want you to get in on some loot too. There’s a variety of ways for you to win:
    • Enter our #TeamRazer grand giveaway for a chance to win exclusive Team Razer gear autographed by our competing teams ranging from SKT T1 to KT Rolster, to CLG.

    • Join us on the official LoL community in Razer Comms and watch the games with us. We’ll be conducting some giveaways right there.

    • Show your support and cheer on our team via social channels, just tweet to us with a picture of you showing eSports love with hashtag #TeamRazerFighting.

    • Show your analytical skills and predict the winners of upcoming matches.

    For more Worlds updates, remember to follow Team Razer on social:
    GL HF.

    Which teams are you rooting for? Have our teams been performing to your expections? Let us know!