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    1. Ailleus

      I saw your post "I plan to run full disk encryption with my encryption keys on a flash drive. No key, no boot."

      I am kind of interested in similar thing. But what I wanted to ask was that doesn´t full disc encryption slow even SSD somewhat and aren´t there problems in encrypting SSD? What happens when you loose your flash drive? Is it possible to break the encryption?

      Sorry... so many questions:)

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      2. Ailleus
        Feb 15, 2015
      3. Ailleus
        Btw, As I can see you have the new Blade, does Razer original AC adapter have switchable cord? I mean the part which goes into socket (if, for example you dont have USA standard 3 pronged socket)? If it has, one can simply buy a different cord.
        Feb 15, 2015
      4. _ramsey_
        I actually gotten this working now. I'm using Ubuntu Linux and a yubikey from yubico.com. The yubikey accepts a password in challenge response mode and outputs the 20 byte password to unlock the disk. No key, no unlock :)
        Aug 21, 2015
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