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    1. mclosano
      Hi, thank you for the quick response.
      I did the procedures indicated by you but unfortunately my keyboard still has a problem with the RGB lighting of the F12 key.
      The serial number of my razer blade is BY1945A86304483.
      It is a Razer Blade Pro 17" model RZ09-0314 year 2019.
      If you can help me how should I proceed, I'd appreciate it, because this keyboard problem is bothering me a lot.
    2. oneshotcowboy
      Razer Nari ultimate stopped working after almost a year. The dongle flashes like crazy after being inserted into the USB slot. Tried to recover the dongle but with no success, I must ask for support.
    3. vic3001
      necesito ayuda no me llegan los mensajes a mi celular vinculado y no tengo los códigos de confirmación
    4. vicioussss450
      hello my razer basilisk V3 pn : RZ01-04000100 please help.
    5. polyVividCerisebook942
      I cannot receive the code on my phone for Authorization because I no longer have access to the old number registered.
    6. sharpbaseJasmine608
      Hi, I got an error of "Item serial number is unknown" on my blackshark v2 x. I just bought it hours ago and I was going to test the 7.1 surround sound but it needs a code. I learned that u can have the code if you registered your razer item. Please help me thank you!
    7. z_zakee
      I lost my phone number and cannot replace with a new number due to 2-step Authorization.
      I didnt save the back up code before as well.
      Hope to recover my account soon.
    8. Avoidxx
      i've lost my old phone and i cant acess my authenticator or my backup codes...
    9. 698049985
      How can i change my phone number?
      Because i don't have access my old phone number
    10. Bkavinskyjr
      HI, I've been having issues using THX Audio. First on my Legion 5 now on my Alienware x17r2. I have 2 different types of Razer headphones (Kraken Hypersense and Blackshark V2) neither one works why I adjust the settings to THX Audio on the app and in Windows. I get absolutely no sound. I've tried updating everything, uninstalling and reinstalling.
    11. Vaquun
      I cannot receive the code in my phone for the 2STEP Authorization and I didnt back up my codes what should I do
    12. vatoDETH
      It is messed up again and does not work. I've opened up a ticket with support and given up on this thing. It has been a huge waste of time.
    13. vatoDETH
    14. vatoDETH
      Please report if uninstalling Synapse 3.0 allows anyone else to listen in Headphones (Razer Nari - Game) audio mode.
    15. vatoDETH
      Razer Nari does not connect for me too. Driver stopped working again. Removed Synapse 3.0 and the driver reappeared.

      Opened Sound> Playback to test the headset.
      "Headset Earphone" does not work.
      "Headphones" does work.

      Razer Synapse 3.0 is breaking the driver. Testing stability Synapse 3.0 removed. If it works a few hours, then reinstalling to confirm it breaks the driver.

      Windows 10 21H2 updated.
    16. JoopDLX
      hello my razer nari doesn't connect annymore can you help me?
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    17. 1287504
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    18. Boltoc4
      Hi regarding Blaackwidow V3 pro double typing issue, you are asking for a PMM with serial number.
      How can i even send you a PM inhere? ( iguess you see the problem in above message)
      kind regards - Matias
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      2. KawaiiKiki
        Hi Matias! I'm replying to your query regarding how to send a DM/PM, I had the same question myself! (this method may not apply for mobile devices, I'm using a Desktop Browser)

        Please click/tap the "Information" tab > below the "About" heading under the "Interact" heading > under the subheading "Conversation:" > click/tap the hyperlink "Start a Conversation"

        Hope this helps and that your typing issue is resolved!
        Jun 17, 2022
    19. remana111
      sir how long i waiting theres no response to my ticket help ..

      Thank you
    20. cafeeverIvory938
      Hello..thank u

      I moved this keyboard to my laptop and it still has intermittent keystrikes on "N" and "H". I've done the hard reset. the laptop prompted to install the Razer drivers, and i declined.

      Today I went to Costco and picked up a Razer Heroic Bundle....I just plugged it in and I have no issues. I still would like to get the TE keyboard 100% working again.
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