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    1. JonaZegon
      Hi my friend, i can´t get access to the bootloader mode into my TE Edition. pressed the up arrow on the D pad along with X for 20 seconds and nothing happens. May you help me please? With firmware 1.01 my Raiju didn't have any problem, after the upgrade i began to have problems, so, i want to return to 1.01. I really would apreciate your help my friend!
    2. ALE5510
      hello I read your post! very interesting and a great help! I have a raiju controller completed by the end of December 2018, it's been 14 days of course but according to your experience can I leverage the reimbursement request in case they do not have 1.04 controllers available or do I have to "fight" with customer support? thank you so much!
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