Aug 29, 2014
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May 28, 1986 (Age: 35)
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Director, Social Marketing @ Razer Inc.


Director, Social Marketing, Male, 35

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u Feb 17, 2015

    1. shionohri
      Hey there Technokat, I sent you a message regarding email, the giveaway (I won) and the nabu. Please have a look.
    2. turklites
      Hello, My wife made a Razer ID and she can not log into the razer Insider. ANy ideas why it is not working? Thank you for your time today.
    3. DefaltL
      I wish you hadn't just replied then immediately locked the thread you'd just replied to :( I've already read the FAQ I was just trying to understand what makes the Nabu specific to the Iphone 5 and above when the 4s supports the same firmware and there is no hardware related difference that I can see the Nabu making specific use of on the 5/5s
      1. shortpower24
        Dec 5, 2014
      2. DefaltL
        I'll probably still try and use it on the 4s anyway just to see how it functions but it'd be good to have it in the FAQ to stop it being reposted
        Dec 8, 2014
    4. GreenSheencovesmart057
      I signed up for the insider preorder but I have not received the email letting me buy the razor nabu could you please tell me why?
      1. SpaceJam_on_VHS
        Because preorders don't start until 6 pm PST.
        Dec 2, 2014
    5. M3llawi_no_id
      Hi i have an error with website
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    6. TacticalKirito
      Will the first wave only be in large and only in black or will there be a small and medium and different colors?
    7. Eugene_liao
      Can you help me to go to the register site please
    8. SHELLgeoMauve829
      is there anyway you can help me, been trying to access the register site, has been saying its in maintenance for quite a while :(
    9. ryvenkael
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      2. loadpolyWine916
        Well, the release date says 14th of december...Let´s hope it´s legitim :D
        Eventough I doubt that´s the official release because they would have to release the "Insider-us only-units" even before that date and in my opinion there is too little time to ship the Insider-units + the official release in that window of time...
        Nov 26, 2014
    10. Dbroome81
      Was talking to Kajira about this, would it be possible to add a downvote? Right now there is no way to express your dislike with a post without replying to it. Most of them are not worth the time and energy to reply to as they are just spamming the board but, a downvote would do the the job.
      1. SquidTrooper
        I'm not sure. People don't like being put down like that. I think if one is added, there should be some rules about it, such as don't dislike comments just because you don't agree with them. Only if they are pointless, spamming, trolling etc.
        Nov 26, 2014
      2. dirtbikerxz_no_id
        shop like best buy wont lie
        Nov 28, 2014
    11. tirrorex
      Is it possible that you respond to my private message please?
      I would like to get my developper status, thanks
    12. Dbroome81
      Could you lock the thread About the Nabu until you have information to put out? IT has gotten ridiculous with people posting garbage just to get their status from new member, to member, and active member. Also, any tidbit of information would be fantastic. thanks.
    13. r3dtearz
      Thanks for being in such good communications with the community! It's nice to know that there is someone out there caring about the people on the forum!
    14. Warthog2010
      I agree it's really cool that you guys are actually paying attention to your community, and responding to their constant questioning.(however old that may get) Keep up the good work and thanks for the continued updates.
      1. SquidTrooper
        I know right, they think that just spamming to get active member is gonna get them 'qualified' for the nabu. In my opinion, it's those people who shouldn't be qualified. I got my 'member' from 'quality' posts, not spamming just one word posts. It's insane.
        Nov 26, 2014
    15. Mapsle
      Thanks for the constant updates and answers in the forum.
      Nice to finally see a company and their staff caring about their forum.

      Keep up the good work and give us some Nabu news ;)

      (Felt like your profile-posts shouldn´t be empty)
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    May 28, 1986 (Age: 35)
    Home Page:
    Director, Social Marketing @ Razer Inc.
    Hands full swimming in the crowd on the Razer community channels. Still trying to find the time to get to all my game backlogs, come chat games with me.


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