Aug 29, 2014
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May 28, 1986 (Age: 36)
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Director, Social Marketing @ Razer Inc.


Director, Social Marketing, Male, 36

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u Feb 17, 2015

    1. LeonUNI
      Hello! I received a warning point. I read the rules and realized why. I was very active in the past and this was not a issue. Could this point be removed so I can post please. Regards, Leon
    2. Empy92
      HI, I have problems with my developer account.
      I have not access to developers topics.
      I update my app in dev nabu hub to obtain an appID but it's still in pending state. Can you help me?
    3. Clarkiieh
      Hello, i found some Razer branded keycaps on the internet and found that you give them out at events ect, i have just bought a Blackwidow Tournament and was wondering if i could be sent one or two for my birthday to mod my new keyboard please? :)
    4. Mat_Cauthon
      I received the following error about 3 hours ago.

      Your content cannot be submitted right now… …Please try again in 10 minutes. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact an administrator.

      I examined the rules and only saw one which had a possibility of applying to me, namely Non-constructive/Hate posting, and it's somewhat of a stretch to apply that to my post. How should I proceed? Thanks.
    5. starriknight
      Hello I have a question, friday morning (15/01/2016) I attempted to purchase a keyboard and in my half sleep state I put my billing as my shipping and vice versa. I unfortunately didn't notice this until I looked at paypal and I cannot edit it. My order is in pending payment status. And I was told my customer support to get a new code. Case# 00721375.
    6. Sukoiix3
      Hello, upon commenting on some posts in the forum I managed to block myself from posting messages in the forum. Can you please help me?

      Thanks in advance!
    7. a82320
      :cryface..I think I may just replied so many posts in a very short amount of time..And now I have a warning point. I didn't spam the posts, I just answering or interacting with other gamers..
      is the warning going to be permanent ? May I ask What can I do to remove it? I still have many rewards I have used! I'm just about to cry right now.
    8. KenzoMNL
      I lost my Razer Ouroboros Dock/Receiver last month. And I have been using some cables that I bought at electronics shop. I want to buy another Dock. But when I went to RazerStore Manila they do not have that item. So my question is. Where can I find the Dock?

      Sorry for my bad english.
    9. Whiteheadcrab
      Good time of day . I'm very sory for disturbing you but unfortunately i can't post any message now. What shoud i do ?
    10. Saisho
      Hello , is the Razer Insider site lagging ? It is taking about a whole minute to load each page on the forums and I suddenly have a cooldown before posting , its kinda frustrating when I have to wait for so long before posting
    11. ArielMike
      Sir Who Chosing Heart Of Stone :) Thnx #Razer <3
    12. RangerElite
      I'm ordering Razer Blade 2016 for my freid.Putting ot under the name of MLGgamer
    13. fervantwings
      when is the razer nabu coming out
    14. MClidiam
      Hi, I am new here and was wondering where I should go to start things off? Like a help section or a "introduce yourself" area on the forums
      1. thuan likes this.
    15. VelvetWolf.Noah
    16. Nick0602
    17. fuzetactics
      Hey Im not sure i got my message but I've already sent you the details to my case file so i was wondering if you got it or not and how do i send a PM is it the same as conversation? just wondering Thanks!
    18. jiauuwou
    19. Mistress_Sade
      Trying to update my email address associated with my razer ID and to log in with the new email as I am deleting the old one. I have found numerous threads and google links to which none help. I have tried changing the email on and all it does is tell me "Sorry, but the account you entered is incorrect" and will not update it. Is there a way to change the email...
    20. jiauuwou
      Continue :

      Or even why don't you make Kraken 7.1 Chroma's MIC's LED to be chroma like Razer logo's LED on earcups ?!
      I think it's very easy for you to make it the same as the LOGO's LED . (Of course in a synapse update so that anybody who has this problem can fix it)
      So everybody can make his/her own chroma lighting and nobody will have this problem with the MIC .

      Hope you pay attention :-)
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    May 28, 1986 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Director, Social Marketing @ Razer Inc.
    Hands full swimming in the crowd on the Razer community channels. Still trying to find the time to get to all my game backlogs, come chat games with me.


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