ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation

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ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation

ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation

A new chapter begins, it’s now time to dive into the great Fantasy world of ArcheAge: Revelation. Our friends at Trion Worlds are offering Razer Insiders a brand-new pet. Snek is a twin-headed snake that will light up your way in Erenor’s darkest depths.

Don’t journey alone, redeem Snek before he slithers away.

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1) Thank our partners by following the community:


2) Login to Razer Insider with your Razer ID to retrieve your key.



  • Visit and follow the on-site instructions.
  • For Steam users, click the “Redeem Code” link at the top of the Glyph client/ArcheAge launcher and enter your code.
Terms & Conditions:
1) Redemptions are restricted to one sign up per account.
2) User must be a Razer Insider member. (You may create one easily through your Razer ID).
3) Redemptions are on a first come first serve basis, while keys last.
4) These codes expire on January 31, 2017.

Visit to discover more about ArcheAge 3.0.


In-game exclusive Razer Pet

In-game exclusive Razer Pet
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