Dauntless | Razer Flare + In-Game Sigil

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Dauntless | Razer Flare + In-Game Sigil

Dauntless | Razer Flare + In-Game Sigil

Slayers! Before setting foot on the Shattered Isles, we want to outfit you with a Razer Flare and in-game sigil to represent the cult while on your hunt for Behemoths. Dauntless features custom Chroma effects for that killer edge and extra level of immersion you need to take down those massive beasts.

Remember to thank our friends at Dauntless for their generosity to the community:


1) Thank our partners by following the community:


2) Login to Razer Insider with your Razer ID to retrieve your key.



1. Visit https://playdauntless.com/accounts/my-account/
2. Log into your account and redeem your code
3. Once redeemed, launch the game and find a core breaker in Ramsgate
4. Access the flare and sigil and equip in the personality menu

Terms & Conditions:
1) Limited one (1) sign up per account.
2) User must be a member of Razer Insider. (You may create one using your Razer ID).
3) Keys are on a first come first serve basis, or while supplies last.



1 x Razer Flare
1 x In-Game Sigil
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