Neverwinter Giveaway

Sorry - we're out of keys! Do continue to stick around for more awesome giveaways.
Neverwinter Giveaway

Neverwinter Giveaway

We've teamed up with Perfect World to aid you in your quest to the Tomb of Annihilation. We’re giving away a Feathered Roc Mask and an Endurance Pack, filled with potions, to help you on your journey. Redeem yours now:

Go thank our friends at Perfect World for their great gifts to the community:


1) Thank our partners by following the community:


2) Login to Razer Insider with your Razer ID to retrieve your key.



1) Go to
2) Log into your account or sign up for free
3) Download the Arc client and Neverwinter (if you haven’t already done so)
4) Click the Arc symbol at the top left
5) Click "Redeem a Code" and enter your code
6) Launch the game and complete the Tutorial
7) Visit the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector's Enclave to claim your gift


In Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation, Harpers seek to end the wickedness of a new death curse on the jungle peninsula of Chult, sending adventurers on an expedition to a land infested with Yuan-ti, undead, and dinosaurs. Beginning at the new hub town of Port Nyanzaru, adventurers will explore various regions of Chult to uncover the evil behind the curse annihilating the people of Faerûn. Adventurers can team up with old friends Minsc, Boo, Celeste, the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm, and an unexpected ally.

This update also brings new features, new storylines, and great new content for guilds! Join the Neverwinter Facebook community for more updates on the game.


1) Redemptions are restricted to one sign up per account.
2) User must be a Razer Insider member. (You may create one easily through your Razer ID).
3) Redemptions are on a first come first serve basis, while keys last.


PRIZES: Feathered Roc Mask and an Endurance Pack
Potions of Rejuvenation x10
Potions of Lesser Healing x10
Tidespan Potions x10
Greater Scrolls of Identification x5
Portable Altars x5

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