12/13 - Insider Weekend Chat: What's your Role IRL?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by technokat, Dec 13, 2014.

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  1. Fuzms

    Fuzms Active Member

    Chemical and Biochemical Engineer.

    right now i design thermal fluid heater and natrual gas treating equipment such as amine plants, oxygen removal plants, CO2 removal plants, etc
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  2. NitramVonagard

    NitramVonagard Active Member

    Still a student - going for my Master's in Civil Engineering with Structural specialty. By far, the most exciting thing was we stress tested a steel bridge model. Pushed that sucker past the yield point all the way until it failed.
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  3. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member


    Approved/selected for, and formally accepted the Surgical Services job!

    Leaving for Basic Training March 24, 2015. :blush:
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  4. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Dental student, and professional procrastinator.

    Most exciting thing to happen so far is getting sent to a couple of international conferences! Hoping to go to China this year to help out children with dental health problems, and get some sightseeing done :)
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  5. My official title is Systems analyst, but I'm a software engineer as well.

    My day to day isn't usually very exciting or interesting, but there are times (like last week) where we work 60 hours because someone broke production. (It wasn't me. I promise!)
    So things like that exciting albeit rather frustrating.
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  6. BecomeAPrime

    BecomeAPrime New Member

    Lead Designer for a YouTube Network ;) and for those wondering... Razer equipment does help me work faster as an artist and makes it so I need to remember less shortcuts :3.
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  7. Zixx-Type16

    Zixx-Type16 New Member

    At the moment, since I'm 17 and am focusing on my studies. I am in high school, going through a rigoruous program known as the International Baccalaureate. However hobbies I have include creating chain maille jewelry and as a sport I go to an archery club and shoot bow and arrow (as you may guess from my profile to the left).

    What has stood out in my passions?

    My best target to date, shot on the 1st of December a triple bullseye. No... all the other arrow holes are not my own, this is an overly used club target.

    And my best trophy, a first prize for a national inter-club competition in June.

    And in chain maille, my best bracelet to date made of over 240 sterling silver rings:

    That's enough about my passions, hf both irl and in-game
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  8. Psiberian

    Psiberian New Member

    There is a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is I am the owner of Aesir Meadery in Everett Washington. There are only 250 licensed mead makers in the US right now so (vs over 5,000 that make beer and over 7,000 that make wine) so the industry is growing crazy fast. The most exciting thing is coming up with new recipes and introducing people to mead and seeing their looks of surprise and excitement about finding a new favorite beverage. The most frustrating is dealing with all of the licensing and federal approval stuff that comes along with it.
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  9. S_UntoDusk

    S_UntoDusk New Member

    Currently a university student in Edinburgh however there are things I do outwith that.

    First off I'm a freelance photographer who does photography work for people at any chance I get. If anyone here has hear of a band called Heritage and follow their Facebook page, you may have seen some of my photos. Same thing for another band called Ale Shores. I've also done a wedding and a few photos for a hotel. Most of the time I'm just taking photos for fun and to better myself.

    Archery is also something I have a very keen interest in. I've been a barebow shooter for a good few years however I'm moving to freestyle shooting with intent to do both. It's actually quite fun pulling off a better end than the people who use sights and stabilizers when you're shooting barebow. Now that I'm in a more central location I'm hoping to get to some national competitions this year instead of local ones.
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  10. cbear83

    cbear83 New Member

    Wow, my job is a little underwhelming compared to everyone else's. I'm a data entry clerk at a small community bank. While it's pretty mundane and repetitive, I enjoy being constantly busy and have tasks to do while at work. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten pretty disengaged while not having anything to do while at other jobs. I also maintenance customer accounts and order debit cards.

    I honestly... can't say there's anything exciting about my job.
  11. VoKraken

    VoKraken New Member

    I study in computering.
    Software dev, security, etc.

    Still don't know were I will end, but it will be a tech related job for sure.
    I really like challenge and to create / R&D.

    Otherwise I work as a software developper for a local institution.
  12. rayjay

    rayjay New Member

    I am a high school student. Planning on joining the Air Force and serve so they can pay for some of my college funds.
  13. IAmPancake

    IAmPancake Member

    Is that glass projection screen real?
  14. Nyenna

    Nyenna Member

    In my (probably) final year of game art & design as we speak, it's an academical bachelor for some reason but it's pretty interesting nonetheless. Learned a lot and I hope to find a job after I graduate in like a small indie game studio or something as a 2D artist or 3D artist, doesn't really matter!
  15. Veje_

    Veje_ Member

    High school, almost done.
  16. MatthewMak

    MatthewMak Member

    I'm a professional classical pianist, currently studying for my masters in piano performance. I love to listen to classical, film and pop music. Teaching, traveling and performing is what I do now.
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  17. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I am currently working at my local GameStop while I teach myself to code and manage a small gaming community on my off time. Once the last two components of my new rig arrive I will start streaming again as well. One of the most exciting things I have encountered is having Pacers and Colts shop with me and hang out at our events. I have also gotten to play Cloud 9 with my gaming community in Smite. So that was pretty cool.
  18. Justang

    Justang New Member

    Just a junior in high school, currently studying hard and trying to see what my passions are.
  19. raelyn

    raelyn New Member

    I'm a big procrastinator student taking Engineering. I'm doing full research now on electric car. It's an enjoyable research but maaaan the coding! I just started on the research last year freshly after I graduated on my degree.

    I love doing all sorts of things but most of them are indoors--- because I can get easily bored. Like graphic designing, (childish) painting and such. I do like all those extreme sports too but.. uhh.. money.. I think I should start on taking part time but my research.. such conflict ; ;
  20. Working as a Technical Supporter for business customers in a company that deals with Apps and other mobile solutions like SMS, MMS etc.
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