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2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced 1060 - Kryonaut Worth It?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Phaedru5, Aug 3, 2019.


Should I?...

  1. Re-Paste/Re-Pad

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  2. RMA

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  3. Shut Up and Enjoy!

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  1. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    I've spent way too many hours trying to get some real world data on whether it is worth repasting with Kryonaut...

    I'm currently using a -.144 core/cache undervolt, -.050igpu. While gaming, I cap my turbos at 4.0, 3.8, and 3.7 with 4, 5, and 6 cores active. With ambient temps around 70f my PUBG temps stay at about 80-88c on the cpu, 75-83c on the gpu. This is with gaming mode active and auto fans. I've also "overclocked" the gpu via nvidia settings and get about 1650-1850 mhz in gaming mode. With ambient temps 80f and above, I have to cap my 6 core boost to 3.4 to stay in the 80c range on the cpu. While browsing the web in 70ish F ambient, the temps hang at around 47-52c on the cpu.

    I've read a lot of competing info regarding Kryonaut and MX-4. People warn of pump out with heatsinks that don't make flat and tight contact with the die. The vapor chamber design seems to not be ideal for these compounds. Kryo also seems vulnerable to pump out under frequent >80c temps. I do not want to have to replace my paste frequently, maybe every couple of years at best... I also haven't seen a lot of of data clearly showing good results with repastes. 3-5c doesn't seem worth the trouble as the real world benefit would be +100-200mhz which is maybe 3-5 FPS in game...

    There's also the fujipoly pads, but super expensive... If I was going to spend the time and money to do a repaste and repad, I would want to see a 7c-10c drop, AND not have to repaste anytime soon...

    I should add that without the throttlestop tweaks, my cpu spikes to 100c at max boost (3.9) and throttles itself down during heavy load. With the settings, I can game comfortably with okay temps. Should I RMA, repaste/repad, or just enjoy it with the undervolt settings?
  2. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    50/50, eh? No one has any input or data to share? :cool_:
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Under 90 it’s great for playing pubg on Blade 15 using gaming mode, you can use balanced mode or reset the gpu OC to get lower temperature. Gaming laptops nowaday need cpu undervolting till intel bring 10nm cpu, on 14nm that isn’t changing since I think 2016 skylake cpu and only adding more cores and higher frequency, of course no laptops can keep it cool, unless it has huge cassis and cooling head room.
    I’m still using factory paste and has similar temperature with you on 14 months old Blade 15 1070mq, though I don’t OC my gpu, did that only on benchmark like 3Dmark for getting higher score, on daily usage I prefer cooler gaming temperature than getting 5 more FPS.
  4. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    Hmmm, yeah, that makes sense. And, I'm with you... A few FPS, at best, is not worth an extra 5c+...

    I'd really love to get my CPU temps down into the high 70s though, for longevity's sake... I just want to know if pump out is a legitimate issue with Kryo (or any aftermarket high-end paste) with the Blade. If I know that I can paste it and forget it, I'd be happy to give it a shot.

    I appreciate your input! Good food for thought!
  5. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    I decided to give it whirl, for science. Repasted with Kryonaut, repadded with Fujipoly ultra extreme blahblahblah... The stock paste was definitely way too much. Surprising, really. Oozing everywhere...

    No discernible difference in temps thus far post repaste, unfortunately. It's 80f here today though, so it's hard to gauge against my normal operating temp baseline. I'd say maybe I squeezed out -3c? But, yeah, I'd chalk a repaste/repad up to a waste of time and money on these machines. If your stock paste temps are really out of hand, maybe itd be worth it? Probably should just RMA at that point. But, if your temps are decent, I think the only thing that might benefit you is turning the fan speed to max if you can strand it, playing in balanced mode too, I suppose. LM would obviously improve temps too, but the copper and nickel react with the gallium over time from what I've read.

    Anyways, maybe this will be helpful for someone in the future.
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  6. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    It is all aluminium and all the power crammed in it, its gonna run hot, and again if its running hot it will BSOD to prevent further damages. Enjoy it, it will run hot.
  7. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    The Kryonaut and repad did end up dropping the temps about 5c across the board. ~38c-41c browsing the web, 85c max while in gaming mode in PUBG with a 3.6ghz 6-core cap. This after going back in and repasting using the spread method. I used the line method the first try and it was way too much. Not as much as stock, but still too much. Using the spread, I was able to create a very thin film, with no overflow. I'm pleased. I'm not convinced the repad is worth the money and effort though.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  8. iDATUS

    iDATUS Active Member

    wish I caught your request earlier. no it isn't worth it, the paste they use is very good.
    also paste today isn't like paste of old.
    Thick, think, air gaps etc don't matter as its very thin and runny it just smooths out and the heat transfer is good.

    Most important thing is to have a thermal pad for the nvme, initial batches didn't have this. The laptop gets way too hot because of this.

    I got a lot of uploads on my channel on throttlestop and I have plenty more coming if its of interest.
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