2020 Stealth Battery Solution

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Jaraxler, Nov 17, 2020.

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    Hello. A couple of OP's have had trouble with their 2020 Stealth (s?) battery run-times. Generally they reported battery run-time either dropping within the first few weeks of ownership, or just having poor battery life from the start. I was part of the latter group and was dumbfounded that my brand-new laptop was only getting 3 hours & change on even the most conservative battery and display settings.
    I tried deleting the ACPI controller and draining down the battery as per another thread to no avail. After checking out my battery report, Razer recommended I go back to factory on my stealth.
    It Worked.

    To be clear, after the reset I charged the battery to 100% and disabled all power-saver mods except the auto sleep at 5%, then allowed the battery to drain out before re-charging. Right now I am averaging 7-9 hours, well in line for a 2020 with moderate use.

    I should say that this is merely my experience, and that if you are having the same problems it may be worth consulting with Razer before you go and factory-reset your device, but it did solve the issue in my case.
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