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2m/6ft TB3 cable for Germany

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Flythe, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. Flythe

    Flythe New Member

    There have been a few threads mentioning this before, but since this problem is persistend for months now, I'd like to put one up of its own:

    I'm looking for a TB3 cable which is longer than the one that cable bundled with my Razer Core V1. Options are rather scarce and the 2m/6ft one vom Razer themselves seems like an obvious choice. However, although as listed in stock on RazerStore here in Germany, you cannot actu ally buy it but only register for availability notification. This has been the status quo for at least half a year now and I wanted to know if Razer was actually working to make this available in Germany at all or whether or not there are some good alternatives (most third-party ones don't support the obligatory 40 Gbps or are somewhat sketchy).
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