$300 Off Razer Phone 2 For a Limited Time Only

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Dekades, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. Lenox.J.Low

    Lenox.J.Low Well-Known Member

    Sound Great!!!
  2. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    not in italy.
  3. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Sorry for you, i'm quite surpised that it is in France and not at youor country.
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  4. geoSmittenclub871

    geoSmittenclub871 New Member

    You can get the Spigen case on Amazon for $14. That's what I have.
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  5. geoSmittenclub871

    geoSmittenclub871 New Member

    I got mine for $150 off plus an additional 10% discount from the Microsoft store. Additionally they had a promo going for the wireless charger and hammerhead earbuds free with purchase. So I guess in the long run I got just as good of a deal. Coming from an iPhone 7 plus I love using the wireless charger. The phone also is great, however, I think Android will take some getting used to.

    My only complaint is the fingerprint sensor can at times be finicky and other times be so sensitive that I barely have to touch it and it unlocks.
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  6. Shyguy144

    Shyguy144 New Member

    Ok thanks, I will look that case up.
  7. geoSmittenclub871

    geoSmittenclub871 New Member

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  8. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    for Razer we are third class xD
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  9. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Still, when you select Croatia as the region the deal is not present, in fact, the phone isn't available at all.
  10. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    Man... and I just got this phone last month. Oh well. It's a great phone, and I don't regret my purchase at all.

    Though, I will say I liked the Tudia case over the Spigen one. While the Spigen case looks nice, I went with the Tudia case since the opening for the Razer logo was smaller (a triangle to match the exact shape).
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  11. geoSmittenclub871

    geoSmittenclub871 New Member

    I considered that one too. I just wasn't sure the quality and since I've had Spigen cases before I trusted it. But, in all reality, most of these are made the same anyway so it probably doesn't matter.
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  12. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I hope they include a 3.5mm jack without the need to always carry the dongle, it's a shame how it's one of the few phones on the market with such a good DAC and no analog port :neutral_face::confounded:
  13. Killi8n

    Killi8n Well-Known Member

    Europe please and i will buy it Instanly !!
  14. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Kenserky said:
    It's effective in Europe too.
    See this link, it makes 340€ saved.
  15. Shyguy144

    Shyguy144 New Member

    I'm gonna get both the Spigen and the Tudia and see which one is better. I'm sure its gonna come down to preference.
  16. CaraCuteHS

    CaraCuteHS Active Member

    is it really worth the price? instead of Iphone or samsung
  17. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    I paid $600 for mine. I can certainly see why Razer originally asked $800 for it (I'm just cheap, haha...). $500 is a steal.

    To me personally, it's better than an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy [Letter][Number]. However, I won't deny I'm biased in my opinions, since I do not like iOS (too locked down for my tastes) or Samsung (I don't like their customized brand of Android).

    With iPhone, you have no option to install apps Apple doesn't approve of (without jailbreaking, of course). And my experience with heavily customized builds of Android, they really drag down in performance over time. The only Android phones I've used that didn't have performance issues over time were the Moto X 1st and 3rd gen (Motorola started using a near-stock build of Android since the Moto X).

    Razer also runs a nearly-stock version of Android. The only "customizations" are a couple of apps, such as Cortex and Chroma, as well as including Nova Prime as the default launcher. Unfortunately, this doesn't lead to quick updates, as we only JUST got 9.0 Pie this past week.

    The strengths to the phone I would say are the buttery-smooth performance, the good battery life, the great screen (it may not have the BEST color reproduction, but it's up there; and the 120 Hz refresh is great), and the stereo speakers.

    The faults of the phone I would say are the lack of a headphone jack (granted, several other phone manufacturers have done this, too), it's a bit big/heavy (I kinda wish it was a bit narrower, easier to hold), and some things not working on it yet (like Android Auto and ARcore).

    Of course, this all depends on what's important to YOU in a phone. I'd say that Razer built a dang good phone, good enough for a "general purpose" phone for anyone, but that doesn't mean it's going to be right for everyone.
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  18. GoldorakZ

    GoldorakZ New Member

    Why did I just changed my phone last week :slightly_sad: I would ha love to rock this phone.... Still love my Pixel 3Xl but this is a dream phone!
  19. stratos

    stratos New Member

    I have been on the fence about android phones. When the RP1 came out I really considered my options. I've been using an apple iPhone for over a decade and when I saw this promo on Friday felt it was the right time to take that leap into Android. I wouldn't have done it if wasn't a Razer product.
  20. Killi8n

    Killi8n Well-Known Member

    France is not the whole of Europe.....
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