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3200MHz RAM for Razer Blades (2020)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RazerUserNow, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. RazerUserNow

    RazerUserNow New Member

    Hi all,

    I checked my Razer Blade Pro with CPU-Z and it seems Razer shipped my machine with 3200MHz-capable RAM, but it's actually being run at 2933MHz (per Razer's official specs). Has anyone also received 3200MHz RAM for their 2933MHz Blades? Has anyone gotten it to run at 3200MHz, since the RAM itself supports it (and there seems to be several references to Blades being able to run RAM at that speed as well?)
  2. dudepare01

    dudepare01 New Member

    The ram (Micron brand) does show it has the XMP profile for 3200Mhz. It might be that this profile requires 1.35V for which our blades are only capable of 1.25V.
  3. RazerUserNow

    RazerUserNow New Member

    hi, thanks for your reply. but, according to razer's own specifications, apparently the blades run RAM at 2933, so it's not actually about the voltage? the blades aren't designed to run at 3200?




    Razer might be shipping them out with 3200Mhz-capable RAM but the laptops themselves don't seem to support above 2933 otherwise I don't understand why razer wouldn't run them at 3200 out of the factory
  4. dudepare01

    dudepare01 New Member

    Maybe, the 10th Gen I7s are rated for 2933 Mhz as well.
  5. RazerUserNow

    RazerUserNow New Member

    right, that's what I mean - the Razer 2020 laptops seem only able to go up to 2933MHz, and it's not that e.g. they can go up to 3200MHz but Razer is shipping them with lower speed RAM (it's actually the other way around)
  6. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    My Blade Pro 2020 (i7-10875) did ship with 2933 running RAM, but I put 32GB Hyperx 3200 Mhz memory and it is indeed running at the full 3200 Mhz at 1.2V according to CPUID and HWInfo
  7. RazerUserNow

    RazerUserNow New Member

    hrm! this is very interesting. I have the same model (Blade Pro 2020 with i7-10875) shipped with 3200MHz RAM running at 2933, which is really odd since that seems to suggest the speed the RAM runs at is not determined by the RAM capability... !
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