4k razer blade or 4k monitor

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What should I get?

  1. Razer blade 4k

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  2. 4k monitor and razer blade FHD

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  3. Just blade FHD

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  1. Animeify

    Animeify Member

    I've been looking into getting a razer blade sometime soon and was wondering if the 4k blade 2017 would be worth getting. I will be using my blade for pretty much everything; medium/high amount of gaming, college work, and watching videos. I've never had a touchscreen laptop so that feature doesn't matter to me very much. I also have seen a discounted 4k uhd monitor and was wondering if it'd be better to just have a 4k monitor and the FHD blade. Any thoughts?

    P.s I only have $2600 saved up from working (this includes what I'll be able to spend on a warranty and/or monitor)
  2. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Wait for a couple of weeks for the users review If you want to compare FHD with the 4k ones, because it is not available yet. I think Razer would maybe make some improvement on this 4k model because of the long release time after they announced it back in February.
    At the moment if you have a budget i would say go for FHD 512gb plus warranty (assuming you're in US, in EU you have already 2 years warranty if you're buying it from EU store) and if you have money left then buy new 4k monitor.
    I thought also that I wouldn't use touchscreen so much, but after bought QHD+ 2015, and sold it for Kabylake, I feels missing touchscreen and high resolution features in my FHD plus for my work purposes I couldn't turn the logo off on FHD which has different logo lighting systems. Other than that, it is a beast little gaming machine.
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  3. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    I personally would defo get a 4k monitor, if it was mainly for home gaming use.
  4. laceyboy

    laceyboy New Member

    I have late 2016 model with 6th i7, 1060 and QHD Touch, I love it. Since you can't upgrade from FHD to QHD like other parts, you should go for it if you need it.

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