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4K Video Editing - New Blade + Core + GTX1080

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Augustrae, Jan 19, 2017.


The New Razer Blade is great for 4K video editing

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  1. Augustrae_no_id

    Augustrae_no_id New Member

    I edit 4K video and I am wondering if the New Razer Blade paired with a Core and GTX1080 GPU might be the first laptop up to the task of doing this well. I use Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects CC.

    Are there any Blade users who are doing 4K editing successfully? What is your experience? What anyone had success with the Blade and built in GTX1060 with 4K? How does it fare?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TheHexagonal

    TheHexagonal New Member

    This Reddit thread I have answered to may have some tips for you.


    If you are well aware of your codecs and compression settings with Adobe, or any other software for that matter, then you can expect a fluid experience depending on the size, complexity and length of your project.

    You may also want to see this:

    and this:

    That will certainly give you an idea of what the machine can do but also, more importantly, see that you will still need to use fast external drives to maximise the asset management for PPro
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  3. Augustrae_no_id

    Augustrae_no_id New Member

    Those are great references. I had seen a few of those videos in my initial Razer research.

    Did you end up getting this setup going? What has your experience been with it?
  4. TheHexagonal

    TheHexagonal New Member

    I'm waiting for it to arrive. Because of the hardware I am certain it will not disppoint. I have owned many other machines and know what it means to have better hardware to work with in quality units. The only thing I am looking forwards to analysing in detail are the potential effect of 16GB of RAM and the scaling with C1 and Resolve. All else is a plus; ability to change colour of keys for easier shortcut mapping, USB-C, build quality.

    You may want to know that using a Desktop GTX 1080 with the Core (as the benchmarks from some reviewers have found) takes some 10% of the performance compared to a reference desktop machine because of the bus speed. If your budget allows for a Core + a GTX 1080, you may want to consider an RBP with the included GTX 1080, albeit with a larger footprint.
  5. Augustrae_no_id

    Augustrae_no_id New Member

    The 16GB of RAM has me a little worried too. I can watch my current setup happily exceed 16GB when my Premier projects have After Effects comps in them.

    Interesting on the 10% performance hit on a Core mounted GTX 1080. I would shy away from the RBP simply due to size since

    I do travel and my goal is to consider if I could get away with a single computer. I currently have a travel laptop and a desktop editing machine.
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  6. TheHexagonal

    TheHexagonal New Member

    Lesson learned here: No one laptop can do what a good desktop can. Like I said on the reddit post, I bought a very powerful former server desktop for not much money and the CPUs alone (dual xeon) are around 50% ahead of the fastest laptop CPU today. PPro and AFx still rely a lot on CPU power, especially when exporting. When in the timeline, a lot of the effects still rely on CPU power, although a few get a good hand with the GPU. I'm sad to re-emphasise that Adobe software is not that well coded for the GPU to be maximised by either PPro or AFx. RAM is more important to PPro than GPU. I got 48GB of RAM now and PPro can easily take 30 of that.
  7. Augustrae_no_id

    Augustrae_no_id New Member

    Thanks for the advice. Your thoughts, along with my research has led me to NOT go with the Blade + Core for 4K video.

    I will do a proper workstation build and keep a laptop for travel and non-editing purposes.

    The idea of a single machine was very attractive and I think the Blade + Core would make a great editing machine, but there would be compromises.
  8. TheHexagonal

    TheHexagonal New Member

    No worries. If it helps, the RB is still a great laptop. This is why I am acquiring one. I do have to do some work on the go and sometimes I need to turn in rough cuts or tests when I am not at the studio. My current portable workhorse, the W530, is too heavy and is a bit weaker CPU wise to the RB, but the the GPU is way behind and that is the main reason I can consider buying an RB to use with Resolve. The RB is a mobile workstation class computer, if workstation means video.

    A single machine is possible still. If you imagine people working of MBP today for video, you can do much more than that with an RB. It has a lot more power under the hood than and MBP and since the CPU difference is not much, you know you have a lot more GPU left to boot when needed.

    The 1060 is a very powerful graphics card, even if slightly under-clocked in the RB (heat and all that) and only a Desktop or the RBP can overtake that laptop in it's functionality today. This is the only reason why I am taking the plunge and seeing whether Razer can actually deliver for work.

    I only keep the D20 because I know that the CPU and RAM come in handy to work faster and I don't have to age the RB so quickly. It is, after all, for the "on the go" stuff.
  9. You can have a reference at this article: The minimum requirements to edit 4k

    If your computer is not powerful enough, you can use Premiere Pro to create Proxy files with small file resolution.
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