5 players in 4 player competition.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Zg9000, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. Zg9000

    Zg9000 New Member

    In the Squad Rewards competition, the teams are meant to be a maximum of 4. The team currently in 1st place however, has 5 people on their team. This creates an unfair advantage as they can get more gameplay time then others, leading to them getting the first prize before its possible for anyone else. Anyone know whats happening with this?
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  2. LiamEuan

    LiamEuan New Member

    Hopefully they get disqualified... makes it really unfair to everyone else
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  3. oscrk

    oscrk New Member

    Seems like they may have found a bug in the system. Either way, I hope they can be disqualified as, you're right, it really does create a disadvantage for everyone else.
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  4. lipsticksnjoysticks

    lipsticksnjoysticks New Member

    They should be disqualified or at least have the 4 hours taken away. They knew they had too many people and went ahead to complete the 20 hours. Then they booted the extra person like no one would see.

    Additionally, the leaderboard is coded weird. They don't have the places locked in, so the person that originally got the 16 hours first yesterday (around 11pm central) got bumped to place 300 and something. What's the point of the leaderboard if it doesn't lock in people that got there first? Instead it bumps everyone down when a new person gets there.
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