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A 50% off sale dilemma!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dfishe01, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. I don't even know if my codes work (regular or flipped) because I haven't tried them yet!

    I was unable to properly connect to the razer store or see any purchase buttons. All I saw was a rotating green buffering wheel of doom.

    When I checked in the morning, all products were set to "notify me" indicating out of stock. I understand that there is to be an additional sale at the end of the month. Would it be wrong of me to save my discount and wait until then to see if they come into stock? To my knowledge this was one of the primary purposes for the additional sale.

    But I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to get something, albeit not my first choice, now. And I definitely don't want to do something that could be considered underhanded.

    Community, I was curious as to your thoughts and opinions.
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  2. Harvastum

    Harvastum New Member

    Same here.
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  3. KippKyEva

    KippKyEva New Member

    Yeah, I had my BW Chroma in the cart with my finger poised and ready to order. After putting in my flipped (therefore, invalid) code twice to my bewilderment, I could no longer get anything to pull up. Next thing I knew, everything I wanted was sold out.

    Regardless, everyone makes mistakes, and Razer is no different. They are human just like us. As much as I would like my Chroma (and I will try next round, again), I will try to not be disappointed if I do not get it, and I will certainly not be angry with Razer because I didn't get a 'treat.' The gesture is appreciated anyhow. :)
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  4. this is 2 big sales in a row now that the only thing i wanted was sold out BEFORE the sale even started...
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  6. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Same here bruh :')
  7. RS7782

    RS7782 New Member

    It almost felt like the warlords of draenor launch x.X
  8. Stickboy46

    Stickboy46 Member

    I think for any big launch they need to remove the "loading" screen for the add to cart button. I was unable to get any page to load that button. They should be able to have a basic HTML button on the page for add to cart. Or even better, provide a list of links that directly add a product and go to the cart for checkout. It would ease the load on the overall site as it would not have to load all the rest of the pages.
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  9. ImNamedJohn

    ImNamedJohn New Member

    My codes wouldn't even load. Then my codes loaded and didn't work anyway. I just wanted that rainbow keyboard made from the gods... At half price.. They should restock and honor the deal, but I doubt that'd happen
  10. seriously...
  11. cold_drinks

    cold_drinks New Member

    My codes loaded but didn't work either. I'll wait to see if I give it time and work in a bit...
  12. Stickboy46

    Stickboy46 Member

    They actually have already said they are going to restock and do another deal at the end of the month because they switched the codes around.
  13. ImNamedJohn

    ImNamedJohn New Member

    Stickboy460 you just made my day man ^^
  14. rorro721

    rorro721 Member

    same here it all sold out before I could buy something :slightly_sad:
  15. bitstoryMulberry728

    bitstoryMulberry728 New Member

    Same when I finally got the codes working it was sold out.
  16. At least we will ahvve another chance. I ran into the flipped code issue and missed out, but we got it this time!
  17. Gendelo

    Gendelo New Member

    guys just wait till the end of the month and check the announcements that are going to be made here in this forum by razer, i'm hping for the remedial sale too, cause i didnt get to buy anything neither
  18. collectorate

    collectorate New Member

    I feel you. Also a lot of the things are sold out already :/
    i wanted the black widow
  19. rskinner216

    rskinner216 New Member

    Headphone stand or Vespula? Sadly both are under the free shipping mark so I may have to get both. So sad...
  20. bighandsam

    bighandsam New Member

    The servers were crazy yesterday, but they seem a lot better now
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