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A few in depth observations after living 24 hours living with January Update

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by ElectricSun, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    Ok, I spent A LOT of time staring at my phone yesterday and today due to circumstances. So here are things that I noticed ON MY PHONE. These are things I personally experienced that changed, so who knows what issues I had before that no one else may have had that were fixed by this update. So some of you may not have the same improvements!

    Please, others chime in so we know what things to look for.

    1. My phone is just overall more stable and smoother in its operation. No weird reboots. I noticed before the OS had a hard time dealing with and or releasing memory cache which caused all kind of issues if not rebooted decently often. But the phone is overall even more snappy feeling than it was before, and admittedly I have no idea why. A buddy with the phone has a theory, he said he noticed few bugs were fixed within the OS interaction with the SD card. And this could very well be true, but since installing this last SD my own experience has been fluid and invisible so that I have no idea the SD card is there most time.

    2. Camera, while not on par with the S8 or newer iPhones is definitely passable for me. Most of my shots are outdoors and these shots look damn good. It looks like a higher resolution pic, but I believe that comes from the image either being more stable or the "shutter speed" is faster. Lower light level pics, like a group pic during evening dinner, are ok enough and if an editing app is used the pics are definitely not too bad at all. Yes, this OK FOR ME! I can already hear you guys out there yelling at the screen "Unless it is as good as *insert brand or app here* then is sucks and is useless". So I will say your milage may vary as each of us has different expectations and needs.

    3. Ok... and this is really weird...But my contrast as well brightness for the white level has noticeably increased. Let me explain or at least describe. If I use a solid or mostly white background, the amount of white light emitted is definitely more. And when using apps that skirt around the Content Adaptive Backlight filter, such as Foto Gallery, it was noticeable to other people that the screen seemed brighter. which brings me to...

    4. Lets discuss screen brightness. The overall screen contrast has either been increased or there was a bug in my particular phone. But I couldn't see some movies even under bright office lights much less sunlight. but now, netflix....DAYUM!!!!! The HD content looks NICE! The movies I used as reference for the original testing where two dark movies via Netflix, Bright and Spectral. The bright white portions such as flashlight or headlight are now brighter on my particular phone. I then via Google Play app, used HD versions of Despicable Me3 and the horrible but pretty Valerian. Over all dark scenes on the phone are still dim but the bright colors scenes look brighter and very, very nice. Also the HD content of the Google play store may look to be a hair better better than Netflix but both are better overall than they were. My wife sat in bed and watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with me and immediately asked me what I did to make the phone colors brighter. So it isn't just in my head. And then, she asked me to turn down the volume. YES!!!!

    5. And so finally...sound. I had an odd glitch. When I watched Netflix the first time after the update, the Dolby 5.1 left me meh, at best. So I went to Google play movies (which the newer movies are ALSO in 5.1 Dolby even it doesn't say it). Then I noticed all the Dolby settings sounded exactly alike. Ok, so I use the Jam Ultra wireless earbuds for my workouts. And I have a Dolby custom setting to tone down the bass some and bring up the mids and highs. When I switched the phone (which was on full volume) during the theater battle scenes in The 5th Element into my custom Dolby setting, BAM!!!! All of the sudden the frigging volume went up and the weapons firing sounds where piecing my eardrums! Then all of the of the Dolby presets started working. The volume is DEFINITELY louder over all for 5.1 movies but this also DEPENDS ON BASS LEVELS! I had originally measured the Razer against a Lenovo tablet that also had Dolby Atmos. The Razer was consistently 3db lower in volume. When I measured again today it was 1db or less in volume on MOST Dolby settings. On a bass setting such as Music, the overall volume of a bass heavy program source is turned down by the Dolby software. I am assuming this is to save the speakers from blowing. I still get a weird crackling noise on some Youtube content , especially on vocals but I have this crackle on no other apps or instances.

    Bottom line is that I am finally fully happy with my phone. It is glitch free after heavy heavy usage for the last 24 hours and I am ok waiting for the oreo update. Especially if it means a whole new set of glitches that will have to be addressed again.

    These are my observations for my phone. So like I said, it seems that a bunch of us are having different issues and quirks.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
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  2. deathcurzo

    deathcurzo Active Member

    yes I think Razer did an amazing job and made a bold move stepping into the phone game:smile_:
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