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A few question about Synapse 3, Profiles and Extras

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Colletior, Dec 6, 2018.

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  1. Colletior

    Colletior New Member

    Synapse 2 was great, it does what ever I asked of it. Synapse 3 was a bit weird, but way more stable than it used to be. Yet still there are some things I don't know if they are simply buggy or overlooked by the Razer Team.

    First subject:
    Synapse 3 has some problems in switching profiles while detecting some games. What I mean is that the profile/chroma setting does not automatically switch even though it is configured that it should.

    While some games can be forced by picking the game.exe in the razer settings, some .exe are not implementable for some odd reason. Synapse 2 did not have such shenanigans, neighter iCUE. Switching to Synapse 2 is unfortunatly not an option.
    How can I force Synapse 3 to add some .exe as a program for profiling? If I choose the target .exe Synapse 3 is loading for a while then it's simply ignoring which target I choose (meaning: it's not choosen). Why does it not add some while applying other programs correctly?
    If you need an example game: Absolver. While being natively integrated in Synapse 3 the profile does not switch because the target app Synapse is targeting is the splash loading screen, not the game it self.

    Second subject:
    I was pretty disappointed that the Razer Wolverine Ultimate was not supported by Synapse 3 (on PC). Which means: no custom RGB-Profiles and no automatic switching of the button-layout. The Windows Store app for the Wolverine is simply put a joke in comparison to Synapse, there are not really many options. At least not that I am aware of. If I wanted to change the profiles automaticly how would I as a consumer do that? Why are there only 2 active profiles on the controller to switch to? I don't want to actually change the profile everytime in the app for every game.

    Third subject (extras):
    Where would I get replacement parts for the Razer Wolverine Ultimate and Razer Naga Trinity? I primarily want to have the option to replace the exchangeable parts that can get "overused" after with time passing, e.g. the controller sticks, DPAD, etc.

    Kind Regards
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