About the Paid to Play Suspension.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. Bijerun

    Bijerun New Member

    Well, I think the program was going quite well and you should have left it just as it was.
  2. Skjoldr

    Skjoldr New Member

    It's really sad to see the P2P system go, especially when I live outside the area of ZGold validity. Thank you, Razer, for the P2P programme up till this point in time. I really do hope they come up with a solution soon
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  3. catch300

    catch300 New Member

    I need 28k more Zsilver for Razer Tiamat 2.2 v2, hope that I didn't collected all of that for nothing and that I would eventually redeem it... :)
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  4. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    I advise you wait for it and not spend your zSilver just yet. I believe Razer will come up with different way(s) of earning zSilver so you should be good. Min said so himself. It may or may not include the current P2P program but whatever it is, I'm eagerly waiting.
  5. carnophobia

    carnophobia New Member

    And 2k zSilver to go for the Razer Ornata. :slightly_sad:
  6. nneezz

    nneezz Member

    this will be missed
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  7. sheebasaki

    sheebasaki New Member

    I have been using Razer Cortex for a number of years (is it possible 4 or 5 yrs). When I started I don't believe there was any kind of reward program, it was to boost my game playing on a computer which was sold as a gaming machine but which sadly stretched that description beyond strict truth into the realm of pure fantasy. Whether Cortex ever really helped, I still don't know, but I continued on faith.

    At some point the nature of Cortex seemed to change. Games I had imported disappeared and could no longer be started through Cortex. A loyalty/reward program appeared. Some games earned rewards, others didn't. Some games were advertised through Cortex and other programs through which games could be purchased were linked (or could be). Anyway at that time I knew nothing about Razer hardware. Despite that i started my own path on Paid to Play. Very early I decide that whatever games earned the most points would not change my habits, I would play my games. However I did take a look at the items offered as rewards, and researched a number of Razer products, reading reviews and so forth. It seems to me the program was designed to encourage exactly that kind of activity (i.e. promote Razer products). That is a perfectly legitimate goal, but let's be realistic, no company launches a loyalty program from pure altruism. if the company sees no benefit the program won't survive long.

    Eventually I had some 99,000 Zsilver. The cheapest keyboard at that time was 103,000 Zsilver. ...Then the numbers changed. I think that keyboard simply disappeared from rewards, but I had read the rules and knew you retained the right to change Rewards at any time for any reason (even no reason at all just a whim).

    This reward program was, let's face it not without any problems. The note suggesting that if you had a problem collecting Zsilver, you should contact Support rather implies such a problem might be possible. In my experience it proved very possible. The first couple of times no Zsilver showed up, the problem seemed temporary. After a while I did write to support and received an answer suggest reloading the program. That did cure the problem, at least for a while. This was at first a mere annoyance, but since it happened again and again and with increasing frequency, it was becoming a serious aggravation. To add insult to injury, Cortex itself showed a little banner saying in effect 'game running. earning Zsilver', an assurance which was simply not true, as I would discover some hours later when I stopped playing to find no Zsilver at all. I read several comments in forums from players with the same problem.
    I again wrote to support and was told the program was being modified (or already had been). When the same thing still happened, I contacted Support yet again. I should point out that at this stage I was beyond simply annoyed, and my view of Razer had gone from generally favorable to distinctly unfavorable. I reported the problem in great detail and included screen shots showing my FPS for a number of hours of play which included the time and date as recorded by Razer Cortex. I also pointed out that despite a litany of complaints about Zsilver not being credited no one had suggested crediting Zsilver earned.
    To that I did receive a reply saying "We are not allowed to credit lost Zsilver". My thought was "How convenient, you wrote the rules and the program which doesn't work reliably. I kept my side of the bargain but you are not keeping your's".
    I also received a request to send a bunch of my computer records so Support could help me. So I did send those. To my mind the ball was now in your court. However, some time later I received another reply this one saying that since they had not heard from me for some time they were closing the file. Was I supposed to complain again? I wonder will this one go in the Resolved category?

    The above is given in detail (way too much I hear you say), because there is something quite disturbing in this whole debate over the end of the Paid to Play Program. We have gone from "increasing complaints" to "negativity" to "trolls/negativity". I certainly hope no one condones death threats, but there are laws which cover those and the authorities should be left to deal with them. No one likes complaints, but one can learn from them and make adjustments when they are legitimate. Or one can become defensive and circle the wagons. From where I stand I see a lot of defense and that is not at all a positive response to what happened to you.
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  8. Qaizen

    Qaizen Member

    Thank You Razer...
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  9. Nilremagl

    Nilremagl Well-Known Member

    Because of this, I am able to own Razer products. Thanks Razer for everything hope to see Paid to Play back soon enough
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  10. jackieLox

    jackieLox New Member

    I am truly sorry that this program is going to be suspended. The p2p program is the only reason I came here, I played (and sometimes purchased) the featured games... I know that the beautiful things come to end but I really hope razer make up his mind.
    Anyway thanks razer. It was like a journey together, now i know like any products of the store because I was so excited on what to re deem that now I could work in a razer store :big_grin_:.

    A while ago I had express the disappointment for the rised zsilver prices, but it doesen't intend to be a negative feedback. It was only because I had reached the goal I had set to and I was waiting for the product at the store, just the day after almost 100000 zsilver added to my goal. It was... you know... I would prefer a gradual raise, or a warning.
    But I think anyone that use the p2p is grateful for the opportunity razer gave us, but people don't write everyday in the forum thanks or how much we love razer stuff.
    I have lot of razer stuff anf when people see my gear always said that it's beautiful and that they wanted it too..

    So, just to be clear, if my post was read like a negative feedback I am sorry. But it's a forum, and generally people speak about the problems, not about how good is something.
    Probably I'm wrong becouse I didn't say enough how much I have appreciate this program. It's like at home, you stay with people you love, but you never tell'em you love them...

    So thank you razer. :smile_:
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  11. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    RIP Cortex
    *pours a drink out*
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  12. OneTappingSmurf

    OneTappingSmurf New Member

    I was wondering in February if we are still able to order peripheral devices like the "Razer Cynosa Chroma" and whether any new Razer products will come around or will it be disbanded completely?
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  13. OneTappingSmurf

    OneTappingSmurf New Member

    I meant to say March not February sorry.
  14. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    ZSilver and ZVault as a whole will still exist, so you will be able to redeem those items and they will still be updating the products you can redeem every month or so, along with adding more ways to earn ZSilver and other different raffles, etc..
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  15. OneTappingSmurf

    OneTappingSmurf New Member

    So does this mean next month there will be new items e.g. Razer death adder elite and the old items like the Razer Cynosa Chroma will be removed?

    Or will they just add more items to the current catalog?
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  16. Parth1C

    Parth1C Member

    Will our zsilvers we have now stop counting down to expire while the P2P programme is over viewed ?
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  17. Artak321

    Artak321 New Member

    Qué lástima que estaba al punto de obtener el zSilver que necesitaba : fruncir el ceño_:
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  18. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Yep, new items will be added every month like they have been since the program was just put out. They will also be adding stuff to the current one, meaning stuff that is there now will stay but items will come and go like normal.

    The only thing changing is paid to play, they might suspend the expiry date and maybe lower prices depending on what way the whole ecosystem goes.
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  19. Rilen84

    Rilen84 New Member

    Tecnically the daily login should still be "on" ? Mean no P2P but hey at least the 40 gold... hem zSilver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::big_grin_:
  20. Saneko

    Saneko New Member

    Less than 1500 to get Kitty Ears... I'm really sad because it's going to get me an eternity. And of course, 1000 zGold cost 10$ I think it's very expensive.
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