About the Paid to Play Suspension.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. OneTappingSmurf

    OneTappingSmurf New Member

    Thanks for making it clear for me.
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    KILLERAK47 Member

    oH NOOOO. I just instilled it. So sad. I'll have to carry on using my $5 keyboard. I will never be able to get a real gaming keyboard. aaaaaHuh AAAA:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:Huhhhh
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  3. SkilfulAutumn45

    SkilfulAutumn45 New Member

    I know that no one gave negative feedback about a program that gives you free stuff. And you don't even have to use it if you don't want it. I think they are just losing to much money from it. So really I don't blame them from stopping it. But I feel like they could just make it take longer to earn zsilver maybe ;)
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  4. SquallLeonhart17

    SquallLeonhart17 New Member

    FeelsBadMan, just 1000 zsilver short of razer atheris.
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  5. Darksbane86

    Darksbane86 Active Member

    thanks. it has been great enjoying P2P and getting a new mouse for just $14 shipping cost. really appreciate what you have done to make gaming more enjoyable. hope to see you again, P2P.
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  6. Titofenix

    Titofenix New Member

    thanks for this option and win razer peripherals, I have mouse, keyboard and mouse pad.

    I will be attentive to know the date of when I will return this option.
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  7. Dolpgirl

    Dolpgirl New Member

    RIP for now P2P. I was saving my silver for a rainy day, looks like I will still save up. I kinda get why it was suspended, I too was having small issues with it not capturing my time spent in a few games. But I have faith in Razer to work it out and hope they bring it back soon! :green_heart:
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  8. Bojcho

    Bojcho New Member

    Guys it's nice that you want to take a different approach to this community, but I think suspending this program is a little unfair to people who don't have the luxury of buying zGold.. Including me here... People are playing their games for fun and while doing that they're earning points to get their favourite gear, and it's not an easy task still. You have to spend a massive amount of time to get a more expensive reward. Please, please listen to the little people that are trying to win something with a lot of effort..It would mean so much to them as would it to me. I am so close to redeeming a gaming mouse for the minimum required points and now I don't have any method of doing so. Plus, you have a system for expiring points, which in this case...a lot of people will be angry and dissatisfied.
    Please bring back a similar method for earning zSilver.
  9. toejamDmonkey

    toejamDmonkey New Member

    I dont really know why there would be any bad feedback, i mean its free stuff!!!
    anyways i do really hope to come back again soon or the razer arena, it was really fun having to play dota 2 tourney with zsilver prices, or maybe better yet razer can create a bet zsilver system too while playing. competitive with zsilver for your bet.
  10. xtahax

    xtahax New Member

    thats sad. hope to see p2p back soon. cheerz
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  11. GumiKwas

    GumiKwas New Member

    Life is brutal...in december almost had enought points to take mouse. What happend ? Prize pool changed and unfortunetly mouse has gone. Now i needed around 4k to take Razer Basilisk...p2p has been suspend :D
    God doesnt love me :|

    PS: I know "RIP English" but at least i try :)
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  12. Brizzledrawnout

    Brizzledrawnout New Member

    I appreciated Razer for allowing players to use their Cortex software and rewarding those that did. Like many though, I was only about 10,000 zSilver away from a reward. I don't quite get why someone would give the negative feedback about the ebay selling of the earned items if they're getting rewarded as well. I can understand the point of looking out for the company itself, but as a consumer I would never complain about any promotion where you get stuff (especially Razer gear) for free.

    I have looked through this thread of posts and an overwhelming majority, if not ALL users are sad about P2P's suspension. I hope that Razer can find a similar way to reward players that fly the Razer flag high.
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  13. muhhafiz78

    muhhafiz78 New Member

    I don't think this is it. If the financial loss is too big they can just control the redeems by limiting the number of redeem vouchers stock.

    I redeemed an Electra V2 recently but had to wait 2 weeks for the redeem vouchers to restock. So I don't think financial loss is the reason Razer pulled the P2P program. The death threats are the more likely reason.
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  14. PainChip

    PainChip New Member

    I think I heard a noise of something breaking inside of me.
    :slightly_sad: (Hope P2P comeback at least)
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  15. techIrresistible187

    techIrresistible187 New Member

    Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days
  16. Eightnum

    Eightnum Member

    Now that p2p i gone i hope you guys will expend the number of site we will be able to use zGold. GreenManGaming/Fanatical/HumbleBundle/
    Now that p2p is gone i hope you guys will expend the number of site we will be able to use zGold. GreenManGaming/Fanatical/HumbleBundle/Direct2Drive/Kinguin even steam would be awesome.Thoes are only suggestion but i hope you will consider it. Thx for everything , razer will always be #1 !
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  17. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    Lol. You're just loosing a lot of money with this program. It's not a shame to admit it.
    But anyway, it was a very cool program, which gave me my Chroma Mug. Thank you Razer for this experience, it was awesome.
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  18. topher82

    topher82 New Member

    it's 1 to 1, so every 1 zGold spent equals 1 zSilver to you, I wish they would just let me turn my silver into gold that way too then I could buy a lot of games and stuff!
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  19. Bedanish11

    Bedanish11 New Member

    Bring it back !!! Don't suspension if u have no idea to bring new features to cortex.
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  20. MarioScorpion

    MarioScorpion New Member

    Don't know why people would give negative attitude when they are receiving something for free....
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