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Discussion in 'Community Readme' started by technokat, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Hi everyone, here's some notes about keeping your account safe while you engage in discussions on Razer Insider:

    All official messages from Razer staff will have special denotation. If there are any requests made by a normal account for any information from you, please report them to us immediately.

    Be safe with your account – do not give out personal information such as your password to anyone. Be wary of any and all other PMs or emails claming to be from Razer. Our official URLs are and and no one should direct you to any other website that asks for your information; this applies to official emails – they should come from * or *

    If you are uncertain, hit up our Support team or reach out to our official moderators.

    Should you require Technical Support:

    If you have a Razer product, software or service issue, we suggest going direct to for comprehensive help and swift resolution.
Thread Status:
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