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    Have I not met myself? Whoa.

    Hey Insiders!

    I wanted to do a little reminder + tips update on how the achievements/trophies work. First and foremost, you must log into Insider using your Razer ID. Some of you have legacy Insider accounts before they were merged with Razer ID. Technically your Razer ID and Insider ID should match if not Insider tries to give you a temporary name which is super random sounding like cobaltpizzacherryblue.

    Second, you must have Synapse running so it feeds that info to Insider when it comes to your products.

    Lastly, some of the achievements are not instant. Sometimes they trigger at the end of the week or the beginning of the next week. Sometimes they take a day. Always check the Rewards page to see what the status is.

    Message me as a last resort when all else has failed. There are times the Silver is shy and that's where I can help. It happens, don't get mad at the Silver, it only wants to be your friend.

    Happy Friday!
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    Great idea. I just cheack the rewards page and saw that many of trophes that dont work was removed :)
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