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Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by desmortum, Sep 15, 2016.

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    Hey there.

    I have no room for TV or monitor here and I have an iMac, so there’s no HDMI. Because of that I decided to play my PS4 through Razer Ripsaw.

    Razer recommends OBS Classic so gave it a try. I disabled encoding while previewing and so on. Although there’s almost no delay, in 1080p60 I am experiencing framerate instability. Almost every few seconds image lags like if it reduces rate down to 30. But I like reaction time. I tried XSplit but it lags too, less flexible, commercial etc.

    So I tried whole another class of apps: players. VLC sees no audio device there and has ridiculous delay even with no buffering. I also tried whole hell of a renderers for MCP-HC, all standard, madVR and Haali, spent hours configuring them. Some of them have no lags but they are smooth and have delay due to rendering time. Nothing even close to OBS blaze.

    I have Core i5 3.4GHz, 16Gb 1666Mhz RAM, GTX 775M 2Gb VRAM.

    Is there way of making fast yet smooth rendering?

    Thank you.
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