Ambient Awareness RGB Does Not Work In No Man's Sky AND Destroys NMS Performance.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Jagerbomber9, Sep 12, 2020.

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  1. Jagerbomber9

    Jagerbomber9 New Member

    I've done extensive testing over the last few days (actually since NMS Desolation came out when I started playing again) as to what was causing my new performance and crashing issue with NMS.

    Turns out it actually wasn't the Desolation update itself, or any of the many other things I tried.

    Also of course, I suspected Cortex Boost at first, but that wasn't it either.

    I had to get in and narrow down the Razer RGB effects that were causing it. For a while I suspected Audio Meter first (still not 100% certain of Audio Meter's reliability in NMS), but it came down to Ambient Awareness not working at all in NMS. And with having just Ambient Awareness enabled, and it remaining black in NMS - performance while playing starts to get destroyed, possibly even leading to the game crashing. You have to mess around a little bit, but it'll do it.

    (Also, please make your New Thread button easier to see, holy crap....)
  2. MaximusRex

    MaximusRex New Member

    Ambient awareness is buggy, it was turning my Tartarus v2 into a brick when I played certain games on newer Synapse 3 builds within the past few months. Before that I had no issues.
  3. Jagerbomber9

    Jagerbomber9 New Member

    It's probably why my Mamba's RGB goes black and stays that way when Synapse runs on Startup as well I bet.

    I have to manually shut down Synapse and manually launch Synapse again almost every single day.
  4. LonelyHowl

    LonelyHowl New Member

    I own a Blackwidow Elite with the volume wheel. Sometimes Synapse just freezes and the wheel doesn't work neither does my lighting change, and I would have to reconnect my keyboard or restart my pc...
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  5. Yueh72

    Yueh72 New Member

    Same thing, but i found a solution. I bought Logitech devices and put to junk Synapse and Razer's products.
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