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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    We wanted to do the Insider Special Access sale as a reward for our hardcore fans - the vision was to be able to get for the select group of fans, advance units for new product launches, or special prices like $999 for a $2,500 Razer Blade or perhaps exclusive t-shirts etc.

    We've always had more demand than supply at every launch - and given that we do hardware - the laws of physics will always dictate that we can only roll out limited quantities before we need to make more as opposed to software that can be readily downloaded.

    I'd like to hear from the community if we should continue to do this - or perhaps it was a terrible idea in the first place and we should just focus on selling our products via retail or at the original prices and not provide special access to our members.

  2. I think the special access sales are OK, they just need to be more tightly controlled and monitored.

    You took some steps in the right direction with the Nabu, but I don't think it went far enough. If it was truly for the hardcore fans, then people who have never posted here (and I was one of them) should not have been able to get one of the first wave. Make people prove their "hardcore'dness", whether it's by post count, or razer products owned, or whatever else you guys come up with.

    Secondly, highly suggest only taking registrations for as many units as you have available. You'll still end up with some unhappy people, but far less than we've seen for wave 1 and 2 of the nabu where people were registered and still didn't come away with one (yes, I am aware that pre-registration didn't guarantee a unit, but still.)
  3. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    With the perfected settings, this can work. I won't say anything bad about Waves 1/2 for the Nabu, because I don't have anything negative to say. From my view, it worked amazingly. Some fans are a little salty, and they will get over it soon enough. I only wish that the Seirēn and the sponsorship program got pushed more.
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  4. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    If we capped the pre-registrations at the same number as the units - then there's going to be a massive gridlock for the servers at the opening of the pre-registrations....and yes - more unhappy people then again.

    The real issue here is that given that there will ALWAYS be more demand than supply - we will definitely end up with unhappy people one way or another.
  5. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    do this and I will buy within a split second :D

    I would say you should continue the idea. The basic idea is great, it´s just not yet perfectly executed. Give it some more time, change a few things and it should turn out great.

    Now the long part

    To make this work it will take some time to sort the insiders from the ones that just join to get one product for a special price/ early. I don´t know what ways work the best to determine that, but I have full trust in you guys to manage that. Just give it the same dedication you put into all the other products. @Min-Liang Tan

    Fellow members, I never ask for likes, therefore just quote my post if you think the same way.
  6. shionohri

    shionohri Member

    To be fair, the special access for Insiders does many things for razer. It brings attention, traffic, and fans to a community-based website. The special access itself is no more than a pre-order hype with big incentives. I don't have much to say about it, but there's nothing wrong with how it's working out so far. The technical issues need to be improved, of course, but the more concerning issue I have is the responses from others becoming overly negative and misunderstanding. It's next to impossible to address this, but can be remedied with more interactions and a ground-level "Here's the reason why" motive, so that no one misses the beat and goes on a rant because of it.
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  7. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    I seriously think this is an excellent idea. Merely, it's just the naysayers getting the podium as of now. I do admit, seeing all those people ranting about quitting Razer, and totally dissing Razer over the lack of getting to order a product is heart-wrenching, but it's the right thing to do.
    A hardcore fan should be able to wait patiently, and support not just one single product, but the Company as a whole, the essence of Razer.
  8. No doubt. Although I do think with higher requirements for pre-registration and the number of pre-registrations taken clearly outlined ahead of time you can cut down on the amount of the unhappies.

    I do think it's nice that Razer is willing to go and hookup their fans, so definitely don't quit because of the bumps. The process for future launches just needs smoothed out a little more.

    Edit: for the grid-locked servers, I've seen and participated in systems that ended up with a queue to alleviate that kind of thing. If the pre-registrations were limited to only the amount available, then using a queue/ticket system to let people into the store slowly might alleviate that. I'm no systems engineer, so I'm not sure how it could work. I just know that it seemed to work from this side of the keyboard.
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  9. R3neg4deDav3

    R3neg4deDav3 Member

    I applaud you and all of your employees for your efforts. This is a unique offer from a company and I think many people have forgotten that this was not a simply a sale. Most people's first reaction was to attack the company however this offer can be compared to a boss having a low drop chance on a rare item and the players attack the devs because they didn't get the 1:100,000 in the first few tries. For Gamers, by Gamers. I'm a bit disappointed I don't have a Nabu on the way and with how the community has reacted, but I'm happy with how Razer as a whole has conducted itself. Please keep the offers coming and keep making awesome products. Thank you.
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  10. Khetix

    Khetix Active Member

    I really like the special access and though I did not get a nabu in wave 1 I still liked the pre-reg and wave setup.

    My only complaint from wave 1 was that it was unclear what my chances to get one was (like, was a Nabi on hold for me or was it a zerg rush to get the device). That was cleared up before the first wave occurred and I knew chances were slim. (15 seconds people. 0.o GG)

    Prereg 2 and Wave 2 were handled really well by both the Community Manager's and Insider's helping putting info together. Everything was clearly laid out and info was given far in advance.

    I could see adding a lower registration cap to wave percentage to even out the chances for the hardcore fans who do get into pre-reg. T-shirts or special sales on equipment would be awesome and would likely help keep the buzz up on insider too.

    I will say that adding in some kind of limiters to the pre-registrations would be nice. I know for registering for wave 1 a ton of new members showed up and posted once to get in. Maybe when posting a preregistration kick out a "must have been member since this date" rule, looking back a week or something like that. Registered Insiders are Insiders one and the same- some of us don't post a ton (normally I really don't, I prefer to read and drop down some Likes) and should not be penalized for being quiet but active members.

    Just my, longwinded, thoughts on the matter. At the very least I feel like everyone at Razer deserves some credit for even trying these tactics for pre-releases and opportunities for their followers.
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  11. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Heh well - then we'd have complaints about the Q system - essentially whoever who does not get a unit will be unhappy. Now if we did software launches - it wouldn't be an issue because once the servers ease up (minutes or at worst hours), everyone would get their unit. But hardware basically means that follow up units will take days if not weeks to get into the hands of customers.
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  12. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    Well said
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  13. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    I think the Pre-reg was a good idea. Just need some flaws ironed out. Perhaps people who were here on insider 1st or just the overall most dedicated Razer fans would get an invite for pre-order via email. I think that these special offers should be continued but only when they are ready. But, as you said, there will always be people who are unhappy and nothing will change that. If people want to be angry, let them. You are doing a good job. #RazerForLife
  14. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Coming from someone who made Wave 1 of the Nabu special access, I will throw in my .02: I think you should continue to do the special access, although I'm not sure how much similar hype other products would have. I'm glad to have had mine for the extra couple weeks before the general public release, and I would have been disappointed had I not made the initial couple of waves BUT I would have bought one anyway.

    It seems like something fun to do to reward the fans for participating. I'm not sure it's necessarily been a measure of how hardcore a fan is. I admit I'm not "hardcore", I mean I love Razer and their product lines but I'm not out there developing anything Razer themed or contributing anything other than posts on this forum.
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  15. That's true, no matter what you choose there will be unhappy people. And if that's going to be the case, then I say let them be unhappy while still offering the Insider deals to fans.
  16. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    I second that.

    Edit: Just saw @Mapsle 's post so I third that!

    (Is that even a thing?)
  17. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    It's a thing. I've seen a few Reddit threads go into the hundredths.
  18. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    Ok lol, thanks.
  19. R3neg4deDav3

    R3neg4deDav3 Member

    Well if that's not then this definitely isn't, but oh well
    I fourth that!
  20. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    It´s interesting that this official thread that asks for our opinion only attracts people with member+ status and the angry threads are dominated by new members...

    Talking about the system with members - the titles seem to work in some way (of course this is just a small sample)
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