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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. knives3057

    knives3057 Member

    I do think a lower reg cap will help. I understand it can't be one to one, but with the fervor out there, it's not like they can't move these things.

    That being said, I do appreciate being told "Hey, things might be fucked, so don't freak out if you can't get one of these 5000"

    Also, I don't see why we can't Pre-order and have them on back stock...

    Lastly, being American, I'm happy that wave 3 is also US, but I feel bad for everyone else in the world who isn't getting the chance to go thru the awful experience of trying your damnedest to get one and the website crapping out.
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  2. KiraV

    KiraV New Member

    I think having these kinds of deals is a good thing, and that rewarding customer loyalty is a good thing-- but it's a little disheartening to see some of the more elitist comments coming out here about proving how "hardcore" you are with post counts, lists of gear, and the like. I consider myself a fan of Razer and I use Razer peripherals and software daily, but I don't have a purely-Razer setup or a massive post count. Sidelining loyal owners because they aren't obsessive enough or fit into a narrow set of criteria would be a mistake. Sure, feeling bad because you missed out on a great deal sucks, but I feel much better being a part of this community than if I hadn't had a chance at all.

    It's a very thin line to tread, balancing the biggest fans and the rest, but so far I think Insider is doing a pretty good job with the Nabu preview program. Keep up the good work!
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  3. D6Exx

    D6Exx Member

    You're wasting your breath GJ. Wave 3 will not be much different. Too bad because Razer could have made changes to improve their system.
  4. D6Exx

    D6Exx Member

    Great point. Just because someone isn't a hardcore enthusiast right now doesn't mean they won't be after NABU :)
  5. D6Exx

    D6Exx Member

    @Min-Liang Tan How does adding a bigger bolder message in the wave 3 thread help improve the system? What have you done specifically after customer feedback?

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    Absolutely not! I totally believe in continuing to give insider discounts. For those who want to join to get the discount, it also helps them learn more about Razer and it community as a whole. For those who have already joined, if we are hardcore, it means we get the new products faster, before anyone else. We are also a bit like beta testers. Go Insider! :D
  7. I love the idea of insider discounts! I mean I'm proabbly not qualified enough, but most of us are die hard razer fans! To me even if I dont qualify for a preorder or sale its still a cool experince to have the chance. Razer is the best!
  8. darkhelm

    darkhelm New Member

    I really like the effort that razer does in keeping it loyal customers happy. I may not post here but I do have a few razer accessories. The initiative that the company is showing and how they appreciate their customers is light years ahead of everyone else IMHO.
  9. JPSzfilms

    JPSzfilms New Member

    Every time I try to Pre Order the Nabu it shows this screen. I try to fix it and I know for a fact what I'm doing doing is suppose to fix it.

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  10. Wiseguy599999

    Wiseguy599999 New Member

    Unfortunately these people will still register, and still complain... You could warn people that buying the product will give you cancer and kill somebody in your immediate family but they'd buy it anyway and still blame you... Unfortunately I don't think anything you could do to appease the anger of the masses.
  11. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    A bigger bolder message should hopefully catch the attention of the user and get them to read the instructions first. Plenty times, people rush to register, being eager to get in on being able to pre-order a unit. However, this isn't the actual pre-order - and a small reason to why we allow for more sign-ups than we have units (and at the same time putting a cap on the number). There will be time to sign-up and we gave a heads-up with the instructions first before opening up the forms.

    To also add on, we addressed the server slow downs by streamlining plenty of notice occurrances - lesser queries means that the servers can handle more concurrent registrations, and that means everyone should be able to submit the form properly. This is at the expense of creating a conversation alert. We instead replaced it with a 5-second popup confirmation.

    We have had users complain that they are not getting their emails, and there are many reasons to why that happens, from their ISPs blocking our mails to bounces due to the mail being read as spam or junk. To improve that, we decide to send it as a conversation alert on Insider. This means that, so long as you are verified to be in the US, have a Razer ID and have registered via the form, if you log in to Insider 24 hours before we open up pre-orders, you should see a conversation message with the Store link.

    In spite of that, anything can happen, and we will keep our help threads open to make sure everyone that is qualified can register to pre-order a Razer Nabu.
  12. agent.kay20

    agent.kay20 New Member

    I don't think the problem is the launch or the execution, but rather the time of the launch. Its Christmas, so people want to give the Nabu as gifts and stuff like that. Hence, the server overload. Maybe Razer didnt plan on releasing it in a holiday season, but it happened anyway. So the only thing we can do is wait for it to be available on retail, if you cannot buy or preorder the Nabu. Well, I know I will wait. Probably a long time, but an item of worth always comes with a sacrifice.
  13. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Basically it ensures that only those who are prepared to get into the Insider Special Access are ready for potential server downtime and possibly not getting a unit.

    For those who aren't prepared to do so should wait for retail availability.

    I understand you would prefer not to go through Special Access as it stands, so I suggest you wait for mass retail availability when you can purchase it off the shelf from Best Buy etc. I hope that addresses the issue for you.
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  14. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    This is a great idea, but like others have said it would be open to abuse. It could be capped to maybe, 5,000 units of the razer blade for $999 and maybe, 10,000 insiders that are helpful get into the order.
  15. theGamerAut

    theGamerAut New Member

    we need more special promotion for europe
  16. Summond

    Summond New Member

    I think they are selling the Nabu for too much - it is priced at $179.99 in Canada and it just doesn't feel as special as it should for something at that price point
  17. 911029

    911029 New Member

    I think that if registrations were limited that would just change the rush from being on the ordering day to the registration day. Or in the case of something like x number of registrations per item that will be available will just create two days of potential frustration.
  18. Rurush_no_id

    Rurush_no_id New Member

    Maybe a "Claim" button with a countdown for the available stock, while only some people can access to the "Claim" button ? only one thing, while people can claim a product purchase, the server will be laggy, so maybe adding a captcha will do the job or .. I don't know
  19. Cautier

    Cautier New Member

    It's a unique idea and so far its working and the new rules should help.
  20. littl3d3vil2

    littl3d3vil2 New Member

    I think it should be a once in a year sale. If it happens too often, the value of the Razer Blade drops. Having limited quantity would also create the urgency and demand of the product. In the end, I think it's a good idea =]
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