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An open discussion on Insider Special Access

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I think special access sales are a good idea but a little more structure is needed. Say 500 razer insiders get send a code to use. Once a certain time has passed or they are used they next 500,1000,5000 etc. i made a post about a loyalty program with tiers that might be a good idea. Also lowering the discount to say 25% for big events or 10% for insiders all the time?
  2. 133706

    133706 New Member

    Hi, I hope I will get an unit and I think that specials accesses are great ! In reality a queue system that says if you aren't in time, I mean like if you're the 5001st you won't be able to get the special access, would be great too !
  3. prongATO

    prongATO Member

    Dear Mr. Min-Liang Tan

    I genuinely thank you for doing a customer appreciation program at all. I challenge anyone that is upset about how these work to name one other company that does the same thing, if you can even think of one, is it premium quality like Razer? From my observations, most of the frustration is that people don't follow the instructions to the letter, when that happens you get lag and miss your chance. Razer posts guides and step-by-step instructions on what and when to do things to be eligible and how to get a CHANCE to procure an early release item.

    I also think users need to remember that this is a caveat, not a given. This is an extremely generous gesture and program by Razer and we should all be thankful that they even do it. I'd be willing to bet that on some of the early release products, Razer may even take a loss on the item, just to be great to their loyal fans. I implore you, please don't let the bad/ungrateful members ruin it for the rest of the loyal fans. I think part of it is that not enough of the people that think like me remember to say thank you and you see post after post of QQing about not getting a GIFT early release product. I hope you don't discontinue any of the programs because as time goes by you will slowly weed-out the real loyal users that will stick by you and Razer and the people who cry will stop trying and thus, stop posting crap.

    THANK YOU for the programs sir, I find it admirable and pretty amazing that a company like Razer even takes the time to run these events.

    To the "fans" that are mad, frustrated or whatever, remember Razer could just stop doing it all. It takes their time and effort and they don't HAVE to do it at all!!!!

    Had to edit after reading some of the responses already. Part of the excitement is whether or not you get one! I know I had alarms sent and everything lined up ready for pre-registration, I've read all the guides on what to do when it goes live to buy and I still might not get one. There is EXCITEMENT! You're getting a chance for a pre-release product for damn near nothing, to gripe about the details of how you get it is just nitpicking. I think I'd rather have that exclusivity of getting something first. The excitement of hitting "go" and waiting to see if it loads. I guess it's all in how you perceive things, it's all positive for me, period.

    And trust me, the more people that make life hard on Razer when they do this, the less likely it will continue, and that would be a shame because I think it's a very cool program that creates excitement and buzz over new products. (plus, you MAY get a killer deal)

    my two cents.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
  4. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    In addition to the ranking system, I think it would be possible to hold a regional sales instead of a worldwide sales. So that it would further reduce the server load. We can still do it in 1 day for the whole world but in different time. I saw some of the insiders wake 3am in the midnight just to try their luck but end up empty handed. I think it's feasible though it might not help much.
  5. prongATO

    prongATO Member

    PRECISELY!!!! It is a CHANCE at a GIFT from Razer. I don' t believe any extremely active members on forums are any more entitled than anyone else. The minimum USEFUL post requirement was a good idea, IMO as part of addressing this in a way that addresses this very issue. without being overly cumbersome. Another idea if users really want to push it, which I think they SHOULDN'T is that the more posts/likes/trophies you have, you may get a deeper discount IF you even get your order in on time. We all buy Razer products, we all love Razer, this is a GIFT program from Razer, as she said NOT and entitlement.
  6. prongATO

    prongATO Member

    And as you've just stated, there are multiple threads from dedicated users that are irritated with all the useless posts and topics just so people could qualify. It is a double edged sword. Possibly set a certain number of useful posts and don't advertise what that number is. Then those who think that it should based on how active users are get their wish and it may cut down on useless posts.
  7. mike89conde

    mike89conde Member

    No matter which method for registration is to be used, people will be unhappy. Look at the one plus one with its invite system. I think its great that you offer these sales. As mentioned elsewhere, lowering the discount to like 10-20% will decrease traffic but hardcore fans will still come out and support. I, for one, agree with this suggestion as it still offers consumers some sort of savings. Many people feel entitled, let them be butt hurt.
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  8. SunnyfastOPAL605

    SunnyfastOPAL605 New Member

    I personally don't like special sales for people who write an arbitrary number of posts on a message board. I am not any less important because I don't browse and post to the Razer forums. I think the requirement of having a certain amount of posts is a bit silly.
  9. KOMagnet

    KOMagnet New Member

    especially when it comes to such a low promotion, there will always be room for resellers. But I do appreciate all the razer things that comes for us either i can get it or not.
    "definitely looking for a new laptop"
  10. LiverAMBERquick313

    LiverAMBERquick313 New Member

    Oh man, I would absolutely love that. If we were talking about either the 2014 or god willing the 2015 14" Razer Blade, I'd be so down to buy the 512GB version for $999.

    That's if you're not too discouraged after the backlash entitled customers gave earlier this week.
  11. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    I think these special sales are great, it gives fans like us, the opportunity to purchase new products at lower prices. You should continue doing these sales and thanks for giving back to us!
    Hiiii Min!!!
  12. popo1993

    popo1993 New Member

    sounds like a great idea... well prefer more units of peripherals so to avoid unhappy people lol
  13. I feel like the current system is very good as it is. It's just that some people seem to forget that it's either some of us get the insider deals or none of us at all..... Keep up the good work!
  14. Cyrus23

    Cyrus23 Member

    I think what you and the Razer team do is awesome, I may not get something every time but I'll sure try and be happy for those that got a sweet deal. Keep it up and your loyal fans will continue to show why Razer is the best!
  15. dave.zhong.bz

    dave.zhong.bz New Member

    As far as I am concerned, this is the only company that does insider's specials. And to me that is a really amazing way of saying thank you for your supporters.
    I find it hard to believe that I have been missing out on these forums. I used to think that Razer was just another company, no fan base interaction. Many of the comments that I have read from the Min Liang proved me wrong otherwise.
    Sincerely looking forward to be more active.
    P/S: I honestly never heard about the razer insider despite having my anansi for about 3 years. Perhaps the CES sales did help to publicize this website.
  16. Gamegadget

    Gamegadget Member

    Just a suggestion but maybe a Razer VIP membership program with a annual subscription would discourage the not so hardcore and allow in return, discounts, early product access, gear like t-shirts, hats, etc throughout the year?
  17. lifeautoCrimson336

    lifeautoCrimson336 Active Member

    Yes, I completely agree. I have seen the downtime all this activity on the store has and if people cannot handle it they should wait. Razer is doing a good thing for dedicated members by giving special access.
  18. I like the idea, but how would you select the groups and if you do, will you pick a new group every time you guys give a special price to members, or will it only be one group?
  19. notcrying

    notcrying New Member

    rather than pre reg, i think make it into a lucky draw where the people know how many stocks are there and who get the promotional codes will be better.
    one of the key issue of such sales is that, the people are unhappy with the undisclosed number of units.
    to address this issue, just declare the stock number of the products.
    and there were some posts by those non-Razer-buyers who intend to get join the cult during the CES sale. this is an opportunity for the company to gain market share.
  20. OhHeyItsBecky

    OhHeyItsBecky Active Member

    Beyond the tech offers, I think a shirt/hoodie/snapback for insiders would be really great.
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