Ana or Mercy?

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by andygleb, Jul 8, 2017.


Ana or Mercy?

  1. Ana

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  2. Mercy

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  1. andygleb

    andygleb New Member

    Hey guys,

    Which of the two healers do you prefer, Ana or Mercy? Both can have a huge impact in game, but I wanted to know what the majority opinion was.
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  2. Mandarinboxfirst353

    Mandarinboxfirst353 New Member

  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I know that most other players would rather have a good Ana working for/with them - but for myself, I much prefer playing Mercy. I can barely hold my own as Ana, but I do quite well with Mercy.
  4. TheCorf

    TheCorf Active Member

    Ana is easy for most people as you don't need to aim, all you need to know is the healing priority, but with Ana you need to have a somewhat good aim, know your priorities and also who to Nanoboost, so it's better for the team to have a Mercy since there is a bigger chance that the one who picked her is atleast adequate at her.
    I play Mercy a lot myself and i think i am pretty good at her now so i'd always choose her over any other support
  5. Our Guardian Angel on all fronts :)
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  6. Active Member

    Ana because you seem to be able to do so much as long as you can aim.
  7. connordotexe

    connordotexe New Member

    I would say that Ana definitely has more utilities that make her a better healer in more situations, for example, you can heal someone up from across the map, and you can definitely hold your own with the sleep dart and biotic grenade. For these reasons, I would say she's the better healer.
  8. Dilfslayer

    Dilfslayer New Member

    Would say Ana for higher ranks (high diamond or better), and mercy for everything else.
  9. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

    maxresdefault (4).jpg Can Ana do this with her daughter?
    I think not.
  10. rikku

    rikku Member

    Mercy can be a game-changer especially during overtimes and such that's why I think she's essential. Her weapon is also awfully powerful enough to kill flankers. As a support main, I like them all anyway :D
  11. harleyangel2405

    harleyangel2405 New Member

    i'm the exact opposite, but i'm a lot more used to using a sniper rifle in game and the mechanics of it are a lot like what i'm used to. Mercy is a beast of a healer though, and as long as the person behind the screen knows what they're doing and is good at it that's all that really matters :)

    also having fun doing it! my bad!
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  12. Helbrede

    Helbrede New Member

    in the beginning i liked mercy, i felt she was like the "real" healer of OW, but im beginning to like Ana more because of the AoE healing and her ulti buff, really effective, especially when u do an Soldier ulti or something like that :D

    Really also a good combo!
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  13. heroes never die!
  14. Talason

    Talason New Member

    Mercy's rez can really be a game change. Nano boost on the other hand requires communication and a quick reaction from the person you boost. As far as these two healers I think mercy takes the cake. But zenyatta is still #1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  15. Rorgyrex

    Rorgyrex New Member

    Mercy. My opinion is probably biased though considering she is one of the only heroes I play...
  16. ElluZive

    ElluZive New Member

    Why not Zenyatta? Honestly, I think Mercy and her rez are way more important than Ana's aoe nade. Mercy get's her rez really quickly. Overwatch is a numbers game. So if mercy can get a 5v3 going it's going to be a good day.
  17. RazerMaDsSs

    RazerMaDsSs Member

    i like mercy, beacuse not only does she heal good but with my mouse (i have the mamba) i have it configured to change weapons on the side buttons, so i can kill and heal. and in general i like to play mercy more. and as a player in the game i like mercys better even when im not the one playing her. not to mention that her ult (mercy's) can flip a game round, making her team take the point or keep the point alive, i think mercy's better because she makes a big impact on any game, even if you dont play her much. i think mercy is better, but sometimes it depends on what situation you're in.
  18. Hiabst2

    Hiabst2 New Member

  19. coolcurly13

    coolcurly13 New Member

    I like mercy because she is entirely devoted to healing while ana has to deal with both. I can see why people would like ana more, but i get more done by focusing on one thing. Im simple lol
  20. prof1k341

    prof1k341 New Member

    I prefer Lucio, but from them 2 I choose Mercy.
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